Hearing Aid Evaluations, Fittings and Purchases

Hearing Test

The first step in acquiring hearing aids is the Hearing Test, or Audiological Evaluation. The Audiological Evaluation is a diagnostic procedure to determine the type and configuration of the hearing loss, the course of rehabilitation and/or the need for evaluation by an ear, nose and throat specialist.

Hearing Aid Evaluation*

The Hearing Aid Evaluation* is a special appointment to select the best hearing aids for your particular hearing loss. A variety of styles and technology of hearing aids are available. This time is set aside to discuss your individual communication needs, educate you about your options, perform further prescriptive testing and make ear impressions (if required) for a custom fit. 

*The Hearing Aid Evaluation typically occurs at the time of the Audiological Evaluation but can occur during a separate appointment if desired. 

Hearing Aid Fitting and Orientation

A hearing aid fitting appointment is scheduled for approximately an hour, and during this time your hearing aids are programmed based on your unique hearing test results. Your individual preferences and listening environments are taken into account during the fitting process. We can fine tune your hearing aids to meet your specific needs. Fitting of your hearing aids is a process that takes time and attention to detail. Real ear is a hearing aid fitting step that uses probe microphones and speech to verify the prescription targets are met appropriately for your specific hearing loss. We then walk you through all the parts of the hearing aids, how to use them, connect them to your phone and make sure you are comfortable with your new hearing instruments. 

A follow-up appointment is scheduled in two weeks, where we will make adjustments as needed and answer further questions. If all is satisfactory we will schedule a six-month hearing aid clean and check. Our goal is to have you hearing to the best of your ability.


Half of the cost of the hearing aids is required at the fitting appointment. Hearing aids are not generally covered by insurance, it is the patient’s responsibility to verify if their insurance covers amplification. We currently do not accept Medicaid or other social service plans. There is the possibility of an outside program called Starkey Cares “Neighbors in Need”, which you can go to the link here and see if you qualify.   https://starkeyhearing.wufoo.com/forms/w13w7n6b0javws7/  

The cost of hearing aids varies greatly, ranging from $1000.00 - $2,750.00 per hearing aid, depending on the style and technology. Visa and MasterCard accepted. 


Each hearing aid comes with a three (3) year warranty, which includes a one-time loss and damage guarantee, and in-office service visits during the time of the warranties at no charge. 

Trial Period

You have a 45-day trial period to decide if you wish to keep the hearing aids. At the end of the trial period, if you do not wish to keep the hearing aids, you may return them in good condition and receive a refund. 

Our audiologists will advise you on different hearing aid options tailored to your specific needs. We offer the best hearing aid brands at affordable prices.

Hearing Aid Repairs and Services

Conveniently take care of all your hearing needs in one place! We repair and service most hearing aids in our open walk-in clinic, regardless of where they were purchased.

In-house repair or Clean and Checks:

  • $20 for one hearing aid
  • $30 for two hearing aids 

Factory Repair pricing:

  • $250 per hearing aid that is less than 5 years old (with 12 month warranty)
  • $500 per hearing aid that is over 5 years old (with 6 month warranty) 

Walk-In Clinic

We offer an open Walk-in Clinic* for hearing aid repairs Thursdays from 1:30 - 3:30 p.m.

*Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our Walk-In Clinic is operating as a Pre-scheduled Clinic. Appointments are required for all hearing aid repairs. To schedule a personal hearing aid repair appointment, call 316-978-3289 or email slhclinic@wichita.edu.

For your added convenience, a drop box is located at the entrance to the Clinic for clients to drop off hearing aids for repair. The drop box can be used anytime, and hearing aids will be ready to pick up within 48 hours.