Graduate CertificateEnglish Literature and Composition Pedagogy

Wichita State’s graduate certificate in English literature and composition pedagogy provides a variety of coursework within the English discipline to further your studies. The certificate is ideal for those working in secondary education, as it emphasizes coursework appropriate to high school educators.

Learn how English literature and composition pedagogy is the right fit for you.

Photo of class lecture from outside Corbin Hall.


The 12-credit-hour graduate certificate includes six credit hours of required courses:

  • Theory and Practice in Composition 
  • Advanced Studies in the Graphic Novel or Special Studies

You'll then select six credit hours of electives based on your interests and career goals.

Admission to the program

There are two paths to admission to the program:

Meeting HLC requirements to teach college-level courses

If you’re a high school teacher and you want to get qualified to meet Higher Learning Commission (HLC) standards, you’ll take six additional credit hours, chosen from the following: ENGL 512, 582, 513, 663, 785, 517, 526, 546, 703, 712, 805, 700, 524, 585, 733, 781. 

Several classes are offered online on a rotating basis. For additional information on admission and enrollment, visit View up-to-date course offerings at