Graduate CertificateInformation Assurance and Cybersecurity

Wichita State's graduate certificate in information assurance and cybersecurity is designed for IT professionals and graduate students. You'll gain a strong understanding of the fundamentals of information assurance and cybersecurity. And you'll acquire in-depth knowledge in areas such as security and privacy in network and internet systems, cyber-physical systems and critical infrastructure, Internet-of-Things, software systems and cloud computing.

Learn how Information Assurance and Cybersecurity
is the right fit for you.

Engineering interns at working at NetApp.

WSU engineering students benefit from applied learning at NetApp, a Fortune 500 company with offices in Wichita.


The 12-credit-hour certificate comprises the following courses:

  • Data Communication Networks
  • Information Assurance and Security
  • Foundations of Network Security
  • Elective based on your interests

Admission to the program

There are two paths to admission to the program:

Inside the Program

Students learn about cyber security first-hand 

There is a growing need for cyber security expertise in the Wichita area. To answer that call, the Cyber Security and Forensics Research Group was created on campus.

As a student, you have the ability to work at the group and learn first-hand about cyber security. This direct involvement prepares you for a job delivering the highest level of cyber security and IT support.

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