MajorMusic Performance - Instrumental

A Bachelor of Music (BM) in performance—instrumental emphasis—will help take your musical talent to a higher level. You’ll train like a professional with acclaimed faculty. And you’ll have the opportunity to dazzle audiences on campus and across the state’s center of arts and culture. The degree is ideal for advanced study in music—and opens doors to successful performance careers locally, nationally and internationally.

Learn how music performance - instrumental is the right fit for you.

Symphony students practicing.

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Admission to the program

To be admitted to the School of Music, you must first be admitted to Wichita State. Once you’re admitted to WSU, you’ll need to schedule an audition through the School of Music. 

For WSU’s admission requirements, and to apply, click the link below.

Inside the Program

Playing the trumpet is easier with WSU invention

Music education majors have the opporutunity to learn from innovative faculty members.

David Hunsicker is not only a longtime musician. The associate professor of trumpet is also an inventor and business owner.

Hunsicker partnered with WSU’s National Institute for Aviation Research and WSU Ventures to create the Gapper, a flexible plastic device that allows musicians to control the third valve slide. 

Hunsicker says the ring on the third valve slide tends to be too big for musicians with smaller hands. The gap between the finger and the ring causes a delay in moving the slide, which results in a missed note. The Gapper fixes that problem.


The BM in performance degree combines courses in performance, history and literature of music, conducting, WSU’s general education requirements and more. In addition, all music majors must pass a piano proficiency examination.


Thanks to WSU’s extensive network of employer connections, students in every major have opportunities to gain real-world experience—helping them build a resume, make professional connections and land their dream jobs.

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