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To study the humanities is to study humans. Every time we learn a piece of music, we're trying on a new worldview, gaining understanding of the shifting needs, anxieties, and interests of its authors and listeners, which is what makes studying music so critical. It gives students rigorous and tangible frameworks for evaluating the health of a community and the skills, discipline, and cooperation to serve it.

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Interested in joining us for the upcoming semester or school year? Want to learn more about what we offer? Click here! You can also follow this link to schedule an audition or learn more about our scholarship process.
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Looking for a form? Need to find out when ensemble auditions are coming or the requested musical selections? That - and more - is here!
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Head here to see our faculty organized by area. If you're a faculty member looking for a particular form, you'll find those here.
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Looking for Calendar information? Want to find out how to support the School of Music or purchase WSU School of Music merchandise? We've also got a form so Alumni can keep us in the loop regarding their successes and Shocker Sounds, our yearly school magazine!

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