General Information

Faculty Handbook

Syllabus Template (with the required information about students needing a personal laptop computer and updated Academic Integrity information)

Teaching Support (Valuable information for faculty)

Curriculum Change Forms

Room Request Form

School of Music Information

Load Report Form (This is an Excel document, please fill in the green areas, it will add up the load hours.)

Performance Evaluation Forms (FAR)

Accompanist Policy

Instrument Rental Policy

Piano Tuning, Repair Policies, and Practices

Advising Information

Graduate Assistant Evaluation Form

Program Approval Form

Recommendation for Degree

Basic Tuition and Fees



Music Associates Request for Funding Form

Music Associates Request for Funding
Music Associates meets the second Wednesday of each month and will consider requests at that time

Request for Expenses

Request for Expenditure Form

Travel Request Forms

Travel Request Form

  • Please complete this form regardless of where you are going or if you are requesting funding. The form must be emailed to the Administrative Officer.
  • This is due to the Director’s Office at least 3 weeks prior to travel or budget requests will not be approved.
  • If you are using Sunflower Travel, contact Laurie O'Leary for rates and to book your airfare:, (316) 733-2753
  • If you are requesting airfare and not using Sunflower Travel, you must include two quotes of complete listings from different sites showing that what you are requesting is less than both the sites' lowest rate listed. Here is an example of an acceptable quote.
  • Per Diem rates: Continental US; International; Outside Contiguous US (e.g. Hawaii, Alaska)

Travel Reimbursement Form

  • To be completed upon your return and submitted with receipts.

WSU Travel Website

State Travel Website

  • Useful information about reimbursement rates and high-cost areas.
  • Per diems and meal information

Student Travel Form



Guest Artist Information

Guest Artist Information Form

  • Please submit this form to the Director's office at least one month prior to the event.
  • The information from this form is used by the Dean's office to generate a contract for the Artist.

Adding Performances

Guest Artist Recital/Master Class/Recital Request Form

  • Please use this form to request a room or performance facility for an event if you did not do so during the most recent December calendar meeting.
  • This form is not for student degree or non-degree recitals.
  • Please submit this form to the Director's Office at least six weeks prior to the event.
  • If a guest artist contract will be needed, the Guest Artist Information Form will need to be completed at least one month prior to the event.
  • If this request is approved, a signed copy will be returned to the faculty member to begin making arrangements for rooms and/or Performance Facilities services, this should be done at least four weeks in advance.

Festival Forms

Festival Presenter Checklist

  • At least 3 months prior to a festival, the Festival Presenter (faculty member), must begin this process.
  • Please print out this checklist and create a budget (see below).

Festival Budget Worksheet

  • The very first step is to create a festival budget. You may use this worksheet as a general guideline, or type your own.
  • After you create your budget meet with the SOM Administrative Officer to review the event.

Other Helpful Information

Audix Phone Manual

Blackboard Resources

  • Also, you may call the Help Desk at 978-HELP, or visit the Help Desk website here.

School of Music Letterhead (digital format) is available upon request.

Shared Drive Instructions

Visual Standards