Habit Formation for Academic Success

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We will have a 4-Part Fall Series based on the books “Atomic Habits”, “Find Your Why”, “Tiny Habits”, and “7 Habits of Highly Effective People.” Following the completion of this series, you will have developed your “why” statement, identified two to three SMART goals, recognized your limiting beliefs, and formed an action plan to implement the new habits that are specific to YOU! 

All workshops will be held at the Grace Wilkie Annex from 5:30-6:30 PM

  • Workshop 1: Developing your WHY | September 12 
  • Workshop 2: Identifying your SMART Goals | October 10
  • Workshop 3: Recognizing Your Limiting Beliefs | October 24 
  • Workshop 4: Forming Your Identity-Based Habits | November 14

Spots are limited, reserve online under each workshop.


Workshop 1: Developing your WHY

Has anyone ever said to you, “just do what makes you happy”, “find your bliss”, or “follow your passion”? These words sound great in theory but can leave us feeling lost as to how to achieve them. When we do the work to develop our WHY statement, we create a new lens through which we can begin seeing our purpose in the things we do and can better understand what motivates and inspires us.  Each of us has a WHY that is formed by our late teens and is uniquely ours. It expresses who we are when we are at our natural best.

Uncovering our WHY requires intentional work and it is rarely done alone. Based on the book, “Find Your Why”, by Simon Sinek, students will be provided a structured framework and a built-in partner through the Online and Adult Learning office, who will guide and support each step.  The work done before, during, and after this workshop will result in a personal WHY statement, providing a strong foundation from which to build as they progress through the fall series.

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Workshop 2: Identifying your SMART Goals

Now that you have a WHY statement in place, do your goals align with it? Using strategies from “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” and building on the work that went into developing their WHY statements, students will select one or two of their most important goals to develop into SMART Goals (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound). Through this process, students will be challenged to think about how their goals do or do not coincide with their identity and if they are written in a way that can serve as guidance, motivation, and inspiration.

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Workshop 3: Recognizing Your Limiting Beliefs 

The stories we tell ourselves can serve to inspire us to reach new heights, or they can keep us in our comfort zone, preventing us from becoming who we are meant to be. During this workshop students will not only identify their most prevalent limiting beliefs, but they will also begin to recognize where those beliefs come from. Students will leave this workshop equipped to recognize how their limiting beliefs may be preventing them from reaching the goals they have set for themselves. and with a sharpened skillset on how to replace their old, limited belief stories with new, belief-filled statements.

Workshop 4: Forming Your Identity-Based Habits

Every one of us has tried forming new, good habits while breaking old, bad ones, only to quickly feel frustrated when we do not succeed. Building off our 3 previous workshops, while learning new concepts from the authors of “Atomic Habits” and “Tiny Habits”, students will be introduced to the 4 laws of habit formation, receive guidance in creating identity-based habits, and develop a detailed plan to apply each law of habit formation to their desired new habits.