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Our office is committed to empowering our online and adult learners with the tools they need to succeed. Through our workshops, we aim to provide not only relevant information but also inspiration to help our students reach their full potential.

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Limiting Beliefs Workshop

The stories we tell ourselves can serve to inspire us to reach new heights, or they can keep us in our comfort zone, preventing us from becoming who we are meant to be. During this workshop, students will not only identify their most prevalent limiting beliefs, but they will also begin to recognize where those beliefs come from. Students will leave this workshop equipped to recognize how their limiting beliefs may be preventing them from reaching the goals they have set for themselves. and with a sharpened skillset on how to replace their old, limited belief stories with new, belief-filled statements.

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Parent Guilt Workshop

Join Suzanne, as she explores the causes and impact of parent guilt while attending school. Learn ways to manage your feelings so you can move forward with confidence in your journey.

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