Strategic Engagement and Planning (SEP) was formed to work, in a collaborative fashion to increase capacity, improve sustainability, and foster conditions necessary for economic prosperity for the university and the communities we serve. Our unique combination of offices and initiatives increases the university's impact and strengthen partnerships to make progress on some of society’s most pressing issues.

Leadership Areas

Community Engagement

Wichita State honors its history as a municipal university in our efforts to engage the community in ways that support our neighborhood, city, region, state and beyond. 

We are a front door for community members and agencies who wish to access the resources and assets within the university that can be used to bolster economic prosperity and community.

We strive to promote the mission of the university to be an essential educational, cultural, and economic driver for Kansas and the greater public good.

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Strategic Planning

Alignment of university activities to support a set of identified goals is key to ensuring a successful enterprise, a relevant education for students, and a reliable and collaborative partner for community stakeholders.

We facilitate the advancement and implementation of the university's Strategic Plan and all subordinate action and unit-level plans. We provide meaningful cross-campus conversations on strategic topics to demonstrate progress on the university's Strategic Plan and recommend initiatives and areas for improvement of university efforts. All these activities work to ensure that the university plan supports the overall goals of the Kansas Board of Regents (KBOR).

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Assessment and Accreditation

To fulfill its mission, the University believes that the faculty, staff, administration and students, should have the fundamental role in creating and maintaining a systematic assessment of student learning, student engagement and overall student outcomes.  SEP oversees the implementation, analysis, reporting and dissemination of all major university assessments.  At Wichita State University all academic departments and units within the Division's of both Academic Affairs and Student Affairs are responsible for systematic assessment for their areas.

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A coalition of economic drivers


While Strategic Engagement and Planning (SEP) is a driver of engagement and economic prosperity work at Wichita State University, it is not the only driver. It is truly an “all hands-on deck” philosophy. Many offices and university personnel work to leverage the assets of the university in the broader community.  SEP collaborates with other university offices, colleges, and community stakeholders to create the conditions necessary for economic prosperity.

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Strategic Engagement and Planning (SEP)

This is part of a larger university effort to drive economics, education, and culture. The other components of the university engagement strategy include but are not limited to: