WSU Alumni Association License Plate Scholarship

In 1999, the Wichita State University Alumni Association created the WSU Alumni Association License Plate Scholarship Fund. University supporters who purchase an official State of Kansas WSU license plate pay an annual fee that goes to fund scholarships. The amount awarded in scholarships each year is determined by the funds generated by the license plate program and range from $1,000 to $4,000. Recipients are awarded based on a combination of GPA, campus involvement, community activities, leadership, work history, financial need, and overall impression.


  • Sophomore, junior, or senior at Wichita State University
  • Enrolled full or part time at WSU
  • Completed at least thirty (30) hours at Wichita State University
  • Minimum 3.20 GPA

Application Instructions:
Submit to the Office of Financial Aid by January 6:

  • Application form
  • Personal statement – a typed, one-page statement that includes long-range goals, pivotal experiences, biographical information
  • Activities chart – a typed chart of your academic, leadership, extracurricular, community service, and work experiences during college
  • Transcript – an unofficial transcript that includes your entire undergraduate academic record through the fall semester
  • Statement of financial need – a typed statement describing your financial need for scholarship assistance and how such assistance will help you achieve your academic goals. Include a summary of all anticipated aid. Be sure to file your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) by the WSU priority date of December 1.

This scholarship is not renewed automatically, but prior recipients may re-apply and will be given the same consideration as other applicants. Each recipient may only receive this scholarship a maximum of two (2) times.