Scholarships for Incoming Freshmen: 2021-2022

Compared to the tuition rates at other research institutions, it’s plain to see that your dollars go further at Wichita State. For example, the $12,000 Freshmen Presidential Merit Scholarship alone will cover nearly half of a student’s tuition and fees over four years.

Add to this the quality of Wichita State's programs and the limitless resources on campus -- and becoming a Shocker makes perfect sense.

Check out our new scholarship program updates for 2021-2022!


Freshmen Merit Scholarships: $8,000 - $24,000

  • $2,000 - $4,000 a year for Kansas residents
  • $3,000 - $6,000 a year for non-residents
  • Scholarship awarded over four years with eligibility
  • Award offers are based on high school GPA and national test score (ACT/SAT).
  • December 1 Priority Date for Merit Scholarship consideration*

*December 1 Admission Deadline for Merit Scholarship consideration.  Due to delayed testing opportunities in response to the COVID-19 crisis, students admitted by December 1 (all required materials received by December 1 will be considered) may submit later ACT/SAT scores, but final scores must be on file with Wichita State no later than March 1.  

Honors College Merit Scholarship: $1,000

Up to $500 a year over two years for incoming freshmen and transfer students who are fully admitted to Wichita State and to the Dorothy and Bill Cohen Honors College.

WSU National Merit Scholarships: $50,000

  • Open to National Merit Finalists and National Hispanic Recognition Finalists
  • Annual amount varies; scholarship awarded over four years with eligibility

Even more ways to fund your success

WSU students also have access to millions in college-specific scholarships, including some of the largest annual undergraduate scholarships in the state (worth up to $60,000), plus other forms of financial aid.