WSU Freshmen Merit Scholarship FAQ

***Awarding for the 2019-2020 Academic Year has Ended.***

**Be sure to apply through your academic college.**

What are the eligibility requirements?

  • Incoming domestic high school seniors who are fully-admitted to WSU as a degree-bound student with:
    • A completed 6th semester transcript
      -- and --
    • ACT / SAT test scores
  • Students will be evaluated based on a composite of the following:
    • High School GPA (unweighted)
    • National Test Score (ACT / SAT)
  • Awarding begins in September for the following academic year and will continue until available funding is exhausted.
  • Priority Date for admission is December 1st.

Updated test scores can be submitted to Wichita State, but must be received by February 1st of senior year of high school.  Previously awarded students with test score improvements will be reviewed in early February for a merit scholarship increase, if eligible.

Students must have a minimum 22 ACT or 1,100 SAT and 3.25 GPA in order to be considered for merit scholarships.

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How much could I receive?

DIRECTIONS: Using the tables below, add your scores for GPA and either the ACT or SAT Test Score to determine your total scholarship points.

1. GPA

NOTE: Unweighted GPAs are measured on a scale of 0 to 4.0 and do not take the difficulty of your courses into account. This means that an A in an AP class and an A in a low-level class will both translate into 4.0s.


GPA Range Points
3.9 or above 4
3.85-3.89 3
3.75-3.84 2
3.25-3.74 1


NOTE: Only one test score may be used in your calculation. You must choose either the ACT or SAT score.


Test Score Points
33 or above 4
29-32 3
26-28 2
22-25 1


Test Score Points
1490 or above 4
1350-1480 3
1240-1340 2
1100-1230 1

(SAT or ACT + GPA )

Total Points Scholarship Scholarship Amount**
8 Presidential Merit Scholarship Kansas Residents: $16,000
Nonresidents: $24,000
6-7 Morrison Merit Scholarship Kansas Residents: $14,000
Nonresidents: $20,000
4-5 Founders Merit Scholarship Kansas Residents: $12,000
Nonresidents: $16,000
2-3 Heritage Merit Scholarship Kansas Residents: $8,000
Nonresidents: $12,000

* DISCLAIMER: The WSU Financial Aid merit scholarship chart is being provided as a means to estimate your merit scholarship eligibility as a new incoming freshman student. It provides an approximation of what you can expect to qualify for based on the composite of your grade point average, and test score. It is not an application for scholarships or financial aid, and the results are estimates, not guarantees. Official scholarship offer letters will be mailed if students qualify for merit scholarships. Full consideration is given to students who apply for admission by the December 1 priority date. After December 1, consideration will be based on available funding.

** Figures reflect scholarship amounts over a four-year period beginning with the 2018-2019 academic year. Scholarships can only be applied to direct costs: tuition and student fees and on-campus housing. (Cannot be applied to deposits -- i.e. – housing deposit.)

Scholarship amounts are based on residency status at the time of admission. If residency status changes or tuition adjustments are approved at a lower rate (e.g., MSEP, Shocker Select, Shocker City, etc.), scholarships will be reduced to the amount awarded to Kansas residents.

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What is the length of the WSU Freshmen Merit Scholarship?

This scholarship is awarded for a total of four consecutive academic years (excluding summers) -- or -- to the point where the student earns their first bachelor’s degree; whichever comes first.

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What are the renewal requirements for the WSU Freshmen Merit Scholarship?

  • Maintain a minimum overall and semester GPA of 3.25
    -- and --
  • Enroll in and successfully complete at least 15 credit hours each semester (fall and spring)

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