Pcards are a great tool when proper protocols are established and followed. This post is a cautionary tale of what can happen when an organization issues pcards without user instructions and spending guidelines.

There were numerous phishing incidents at universities across the country in the past year. The three highlighted here provide considerable insight about why hackers target colleges and universities. WSU counters hacking attempts with several best practices.

My previous post highlighted how universities fumbled data security because of data handling errors. Data exposed in the incidents included student education records, protected health information, Social Security numbers and credit card numbers. WSU has four policies that guard against data handling errors. Are you familiar with all four?

Ball security is essential to a football team's success. Similarly, data security is essential to a university's success because data security failures requires repurposing resources that could have been used to further the university's mission. Eight recent incidents highlight how simple data handling errors caused these universities to fumble data security.

Here we complete our examination of the University of Georgia situation where a former employee stole more than $1.3 million from its Greek Life Office over ten years. What could have helped someone notice the theft early on?

Here we continue our look at the University of Georgia situation where a former employee stole more than $1.3 million from the school's Greek Life Office over ten years. What controls could have prevented the fraud from happening?

Over ten years, a former University of Georgia employee stole over $1.3 million from the school's Greek Life Office (GLO). How did this happen, and why did it take so long for someone to notice?

When I first shared the concept of compliance motivators with a group of WSU employees, I followed up with a survey to assess theirs. Where does your compliance motivator align in comparison to your colleagues?

Why do we care about compliance? Compliance expert Kristy Grant-Hart believes everyone relates to at least one of four primary motivators for buying in to a compliance program.

A recent Compliance Perspectives podcast explained how compliance can be a competitive difference maker. Rather than risk-avoidance, an effective compliance function supports effective risk-taking and innovation.