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What is the International Student Fee?
The International Student Fee is a new, one-time fee of $200 that international students will be required to pay starting with the Fall Semester 2014. The fee was approved by the Kansas Board of Regents and is in Wichita State's Comprehensive Fee Schedule.

Who has to pay it?
All new international students are required to pay the fee their first semester of enrollment. They will not have to pay it again regardless of how long they study at Wichita State. Former students who have been away from WSU for more than one year will be required to pay the International Student Fee. Exchange students are exempted.

Is the fee refundable?
The fee is not refundable after the 100% refund deadline.

Do other universities charge a special fee to international students?
Yes. In fact, most of the regents universities in Kansas have charged a special fee to international students for many, many years.

What will the fee be used for?
The fee will be used to pay for items or services that directly or indirectly benefit international students. Examples of these items may include:

  • Salary and benefits for an International Programming Coordinator (who will assist students with nonimmigration-related issues)
  • Salary for a student employee to assist with sponsored students – especially SACM students.
  • New computers and furniture for the student lounge in the Garvey International Center.
  • Monthly activities for international students.
  • Events during International Education Week.
  • Partial sponsorship for events such as Aikya (India Nite), Eid al-Fitr, the Asian Festival, ISU, Inter-Fest, and more.
  • Glacier Tax Prep for International Students.
  • Payments to international student associations for new student airport pickups.
  • Membership dues for professional international organizations.
  • Overtime compensation for international advisors during peak SEVIS processing times.
  • Publications for International Student Advisors.
  • Professional development including conferences, advisor training, webinars, and teleconferences so that our office always has the latest immigration-related knowledge.
  • Orientation materials (such as welcome bags, blankets, door prizes, etc) and refreshments.
  • Emergency supplies for newly arrived students (such as toiletries, linens, clothing, etc).
  • Equipment and specialized software for international offices to maintain international student records.

Will Wichita State profit from this fee?
No. If any money from the collection of this fee is unspent at the end of our fiscal year in June, a portion of the excess fees will be rolled over to the next fiscal year (so that we can pay bills at the beginning of the next fiscal year). Any extra money beyond that will be awarded as scholarships to international students.