Wichita, KS – A new research partnership between Wichita State University’s (WSU) National Institute for Aviation Research (NIAR) and the United States Air Force recently involved a 1,000-mile transport of a B-1 Bomber fuselage from Tucson, Ariz. to NIAR’s Aircraft Structural Test and Evaluation Center in Park City, Kans. Due to the height and width requirements of this transport, the team was required to navigate tight turns, twisting roads and steep inclines. The transportation and unloading of the airframe was a complex operation requiring many experts in the field to work cooperatively to safely deliver the

NIAR appreciates the extraordinary efforts of the 309th Aerospace Maintenance and Regeneration Group (AMARG) for loading the airframe in Arizona; Flatbed Hauling Quotes, Inc. for coordinating the transportation efforts; Berard for safely transporting the fuselage from Arizona to Kansas; and Belger Cartage Service for unloading the airframe at the NIAR facility.

“This complex move was a monumental team effort that integrated many transportation elements in order to ensure the safe delivery of the B-1 fuselage to NIAR,” said Melinda Laubach-Hock, NIAR B-1 program manager and Aging Aircraft Lab director. “The unique experience of each team member was instrumental to the success of the operation.”

B1 ArrivalB-1B Fuselage transported by Berard from Tucson to Park City


B1 ArrivalB-1 Unloading in Park City, Kansas

B1 ArrivalB-1 Unloading into NIAR-ASTEC Facility