Additive Manufacturing

Several course options are being developed with the help of the EDA Build Back Better Regional Competition award to help companies with the adoption of additive manufacturing. 

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Advanced Coatings

Customized client-focused training options or standard curriculum toward an Associate of Applied Science degree or Technical Certificate from WSU Tech.

Contact: Manish Shinde |  (316) 990-7258

Advanced Coatings Lab

Aircraft Electrical and Electronic System Lightning Protection 

A comprehensive workshop that discusses all aspects of IEL certification, design, and testing from an engineering/DER perspective. Training can be on-site at NIAR or off-site at a selected location and tailored to meet customer needs. The class covers FAA regulations, Advisory Circulars, ARPs, DO-160, all as applicable to IEL certification. Areas included are attachment zones, equipment and functional criticality (safety assessment), aircraft level test methods and interpretation, bench level equipment test methods and levels, etc. The class includes several class exercises to apply the learned material to actual situations. 

Contact: Ernie Condon | (316) 640-8951

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Airworthiness Security

RTCA has teamed with Wichita State University's National Institute for Aviation Research (WSU-NIAR) to offer another high-quality training covering RTCA's DO-326A, Airworthiness Security Process Specification, DO-355, Information Security Guidance for Continuing Airworthiness, DO-356A, Airworthiness Security Methods and Considerations. This course describes what Airworthiness Security is and why it is important. It also explains which FAA Regulations, standards, etc. will require these documents and procedures as well as how to use these standards. The course will also cover what the standards are meant to prevent and how these standards and processes fit into the aviation system.

Contact: Ernie Condon | (316) 640-8951

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Automated Fiber Placement (AFP)

Gain knowledge into the world of AFP while providing hands-on experience with state-of-the-art Electroimpact AFP systems.

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Customized client-focused training and regular six-week courses in CATIA V6, ENOVIA and FiberSim with credit available through Wichita State University or WSU Tech.

Contact: Joanna Brown |  (316) 978-7335


Composites & Advanced Materials

Several course options are available including Composites Hands-On Training, FAA Composites Manufacturing (CMfg), Composite Repair Hands-On Workshop and FAA Composite Structural Engineering Technology (CSET).

Composites Training Courses

High Intensity Radiated Fields (HIRF) & Lightning

This course is designed for engineers and technicians involved in aircraft HIRF certification, industry engineers and airframe manufacturers. It provides students with an awareness of all aspects of systems and aircraft HIRF testing. 

Contact: Ernie Condon | (316) 640-8951

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Metals Hands-On Training

A five-day course designed for technicians, designers, engineers, analysts, and inspectors to get a hands-on experience in assembly, NDT techniques, repair and testing.

Contact: Waruna Seneviratne  |  (316) 978-5221



RTCA has teamed with Wichita State University’s National Institute for Aviation Research (WSU-NIAR) to offer high quality training covering RTCA’s DO-160G, Environmental Conditions and Test Procedures for Airborne Equipment. The course will provide an understanding of the use of DO-160G and how in fits in with the greater picture of requirements, design, certification and Technical Standard Orders (TSOs). 

Contact: RTCA  |  (202) 833-9339

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