Several course options are being developed with the help of the EDA Build Back Better Regional Competition award to help companies with the adoption of additive manufacturing.

Introductory Additive Manufacturing Certificate Program

WSU NIAR’s Introductory Additive Manufacturing (AM) Certificate Program is an in-person, 3-day training. 

  • Covers the introductory topics pertaining to the background, applications, materials, processes and advantages of additive manufacturing (AM).
  • Provides basic level information of the additive manufacturing workflow, terminology, standards and the computer-aided design (CAD) skills required to create a simple 3D part.
  • Get a first-hand experience on how to print a part on the Prusa 3D printer by incorporating the 3D printing workflow which comprises of modeling, STL file generation, slicing, printing and post-processing.

Contact: Jeswin Joseph  |  (316) 677-1794

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