Spring 2024

Black and white photo of Gordon Parks

March 2-29

Weapons of Choice Photographic Exhibit: The Artist, Architect & Activist

"This collaborative exhibition will showcase the diverse talents of renowned photographer, artist, and activist Gordon Parks, architect Charles McAfee, and the emerging voices of the Youth of the Wichita Community. Each artwork in this collection will offer a unique exploration of artistic expression, delving into the realms of photography, applied art, and architectural interpretations. Additionally, student works from Wichita middle school and high school students will depict societal injustices as seen through the eyes of the youth, inspired by Gordon Parks. We extend our gratitude for all the support and collaboration that has contributed to making this exhibition a success.

A collaborative display presented by Gordon Parks Academy, Ulrich Museum of Art at Wichita State University, Shift Space, WSU Cadman Gallery and the Wichita Chapter of Links, Inc."