Fall At The Cadman: Entries

Trees with a railroad going through.

1st Place - Kaley Archer

"Hometown Tracks"

Aerial view of Morrison hall with setting sun.

2nd Place - Catherine Curtis

"The Night Is Young"

Girl walking with umbrella in rain under fall trees between Clinton Hall and the Ablah Library.

3rd Place - Jasmine Vo-Nguyen

"A Walk In Autumn's Rain"

2 Hay Statues outside of McKinley, McKnight, and Jardine Hall

Honorable Mention - Jaden Wood

"Autumn's Bounty"

Ghost in a circle encasing a tree.

Creative Contender - Liberty Peterson

"Spirit Circles"

Chimney that is being demolished.

Creative Contender - Mark Barlow

"Fall"en Abode"

Leaf with sun shining through so veins are visible.

Alyssa Pfeifer

"Changing of Colors"

Boy standing in wooded area with yellow leaves surrounding him.

Amanda Conner

"Between Branches"

Metal toy plane being flown by a hand in the sky.

Jordyn Brock

"Forgotten Toy"

Little boy sitting on top of a bright orange pumpkin.

Correy Newman

"When The Pumpkin You Pick Is..."

Succulents on a rock in nature.

Dani Mueting


Orange leaf with veins showing.

Dev Vyas


Red tree in yard.

Jalal Samo

"The Red Beauty of Autumn"

Vine coming up on fence and blocking out sun.

Jeannie Qualls


Yellow leaves on a tree with wind blowing them.

Victor Nguyen

"Carotenoid Explosion"

Bridge with beutiful fall trees on the other side once you cross.

Madison Busby

"The Bridge to a New Season"

Sunset on water.

Badrinadh Aila

"The Falling Sun"

Spider web in branch.

Moriah Beck

"Silk Passage"

Brown and green trees.

Nick Noland

"New Colors"

Picnic set alongside a body of water.

Persis Lugalia

"Fall Beginnings"

Super hero squirrels fighting on tree.

Ryan Flores

"Super Squirrels"

Pine tree nuts on a branch.

Fnu Hafsa Sadaf

"Cool, Crisp, and Cozy"

Leaf in front of window showing the veins.

Sruthi Bheemineni

"Gold Fall, Crisp Leaves"

Stairs going down into fog with ominous scenes.

Kalkidan Tefera

"Falling For You"

Mowed down wheat field.

Theresa Cooper

"After the Harvest"

Yellow tree ascue in front of home.

Pavani Vedantham

"Fall Never Fails to Fab"

Birds nest in tree.

Xavier Watts


Sunset on water.

Nicholas Morningstar

"Autumn Sunset"

Statue outside of Ablah Library with fall trees behind.

D V Suresh Koppisetty

"Library of Colors"

Apple tree.

Mary Peterson

"Apple Tree"

Bikes in front of Morrison Hall with fall trees.

Anoop Krishnan

"A 'Fall' Walk In Between"