Brief biography

Dr. Lankarani has over 30 years of teaching and research experience and is one of the world's leading researchers and educators in the field of impact dynamics, mechanical systems analysis and design, automotive and aircraft crashworthiness, occupant protection of transportation systems, structural impact, and injury biomechanics. He is a Fellow of the ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineering). Dr. Lankarani is the recipient of many international, national, and university educational and research awards. He has been awarded over 10 million dollars of funding for research projects from the US government, state, industry, and international sources. Dr. Lankarani has directed over 300 graduate student MS theses and PhD dissertations, and has been the author of over 400 articles in referred journals, books and book chapters and conference proceedings. His publications have been cited over 2100 times. Dr. Lankarani has served as a Technical Editor or a member of Editorial Board for several international journals.


  • Doctor of Philosophy in Mechanical Engineering , University of Arizona, Tucson, Arizona, August 1988
  • Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering, University of Iowa, Iowa City, Iowa, December 1983
  • Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering ,University of Iowa, Iowa City, Iowa, December 1981


Areas of Research Interest

Mechanical Systems and Robotics/Control


Research interests

Automotive and Aircraft Crashworthiness, Occupant Protection of Transportation Systems, Biodynamics, Injury Biomechanics, Multibody Dynamics, Structures, Impact Dynamics, Mechanical Systems Analysis and Design, Computer-Aided Design

Areas of Teaching Interest

Courses taught

  • Engineering Mechanics - Statics and Dynamics
  • Machine Dynamics
  • Design of Machinery
  • Multibody Dynamics
  • Numerical Analysis
  • Mechanical Engineering Design
  • Computer-Aided Analysis and Design of Mechanical Systems
  • Advanced Computer-Aided Analysis and Design of Mechanical Systems
  • Impact Dynamics
  • Injury Biomechanics

Selected publications

  1. Huculak, R.D., and Lankarani, H.M., “Methods of Evaluating ES-2 Leg Flail in Dynamic Evaluation and Certification Tests of Side-Facing Aircraft Seats,” International Journal of Crashworthiness, Paper No. IJCR-S-15-00075, 17p. Online version: [DOI: 10.1080/13588265.2015.1076585].
  2. Umstead, C., Tay, Y.Y., and Lankarani, H.M., “Multibody Modeling of an Internal Gyroscopic Micro-mechanism for Development of Lateral Deviation of a Projectile,” Journal of Multi-Body Dynamics, Special Issue on Multibody for Mechanisms, Paper No. JMBD 14-0090, 11p, March 2015. [DOI: 10.1177/1464419315573132].
  3. Nedukanjirathingal, S.K., Yihun, Y., and Lankarani, H.M., “Finite Element Analysis and Vibration Testing of a Simple Replicate Beam-Type Aircraft Wing with and without Secondary Structure Attached,” International Journal of Aeronautical Science & Aerospace Research (IJASAR), Paper No. IJASAR-15-01-14, Vol. 2, No. 3, pp. 27-38, 2015.
  4. Tay, Y.Y., Bhonge, P., ND Lankarani, H.M., “Crash Simulations of an Aircraft Fuselage Section in Water Impact and Comparison with Solid Surface Impact,” International Journal of Crashworthiness, Paper No. IJCR.909, Vol. 20, N0. 5, pp. 464-482, 2015. [DOI: 10.1080/13588265.2015.1033972].
  5. Patil, S., and Lankarani, H.M., “Simulation Study of Spot Weld Material Configurations for Crash Analysis,” Journal of Applied Mechanical Engineering, Paper No. Engr-14-695R1, Vol. 3, No .4, 2014. [DOI: 10.4172/2168-9873.1000149].     more publications 
Awards and Honors


"Crashworthiness of Composite Structures - High Strain Rate Effects on material Properties," ?NIAR/Industry/State of Kansas (NIS Program), July 2005 - June 2006 (Co-PI with K.S. Raju).

"Child Safety Seat Provisions,"? NIAR/Industry/State of Kansas (NIS Program), July 2005 - June 2006 (PI).

"Bus Safety and Cabin Optimization for Improved Crashworthiness and Passenger Biomechanical Response,"? , Federal Transit Authority, DOT, July 2005 - June 2007 (Co-PI with G. Olivares).

"Application of Explicit Finite Element Analysis Methods to Evaluate Bird Strike Damage on Metallic and Composite Aircraft Structures," ADMRC - Aircraft Design and Manufacturing Research Center, January 2006 - December 2006, (PI).

"Head Injury Criteria for the Head Up Display Combiner Unit of the MD10 and A300 Aircraft ? Preliminary Analysis Phase,"??ElecroOptics Industries and Fedex Corp., March- August 2005 (PI).

"Dynamic Analysis of a Crew Seat and a Passenger Seat for Eclipse 500,"? Millennium Concepts Inc., April - May 2005.

"Crashworthiness of Composite Structures - High Strain Rate Effects on material Properties,"?NIAR/Industry/State of Kansas (NIS Program), July 2004 - June 2005 (Co-PI with K.S. Raju).

"Spacecraft System Leak Repair Methods,"?NASA EPSCoR, October 2004 - September 2005, (Co-PI, Soschinske - PI).

"Crashworthiness of Composites - Material Dynamic Properties,"?Federal Aviation Administration, Institutional Matched?October 2004 - September 2005 (Co-PI with K.S. Raju).

"Validation of NIAR Component Head Injury Criteria Tester for FAR Part 23/25 Aircraft Seat Certification,"? includes?matching funds from WSU), FAA AACE, Air Transportation Center of Excellence for Airworthiness Assurance, January 2003 -January 2005, (PI).

"Prediction of the Global 5000 PAX Seat Bottom Cushion Lumbar Loads at Extreme Temperatures,"?4/Flight Industries, September - October 2003, (PI).

?"Injury Biomechanics of Children's Skull, Brain and Cervical Spine,"?National Institute of Child Health and Human Development -- NIH, October 2003 - September 2004, (PI).

"Analysis of Head Injury Criteria for the C-27J Combiner Design,"?Lockheed Martin, September - October 2003, (PI).

?"Development of Analytical Methods to Predict Crash Impact Responses of General Aviation Aircraft Seat/Occupant/Restraint System,"? includes?matching funds from WSU), Federal Aviation Administration - Center of Excellence for General Aviation Research? (CGAR), November 2001- December 2004, (PI).

"Airplane Seat-Occupant-Restraint System Modeling Using Madymo,"? Civil Aero Medical Institute, March '01 - August '02.

"Enhancement of NIAR Component HIC Tester for GA Aircraft Seats,"? ?FAA CGAR, Center of Excellence for General Aviation Research, December 2001 - December 2002, (PI).

"Virtual Reality Applications in the Aviation Industry,"?NSF EPSCoR program, May 2002 - December 2002, (Co-PI, Dr. Vis Madhaven - PI).?

"Seat Cushion Replacement Program,"? Federal Aviation Administration, September 2000 - August 2002, (PI).

"Analytical Evaluation of Component HIC Devices for Certification of Aircraft Cabin Furnishings,"? ADMRC - Aircraft Design and Manufacturing Research Center, January 1999 - December 2001, (PI).

"Landing Gear Drop Test for Sino Swearingen Mode SJ30-2 Landing Gears,"? Sino Swearingen Aircraft Co., January 1998 - June 2000, (PI).

"Development of an Enhanced Component HIC Tester,"? ?Federal Aviation Administration, July 2000 - August 2001, (PI).

"Design and Fabrication of a HIC Compliant Bulkhead,"? Federal Aviation Administration, July 2000 - October 2001, (PI).

"Development of Validated Energy-absorbing Aircraft Seat Models,"? NASA AGATE, Advanced General Aviation Technology Experiments, February 2000 - November 2000, (PI).

?"Development of a Validated Component HIC Testing Apparatus,"??Air Transportation Center of Excellence for Airworthiness Assurance, February 1998 - July 2000, (PI).

"Enhancing Aviation Research Through Acquisition of Impact Test Equipment,"? National Science Foundation EPSCoR, January 1999 - December 1999, (Co-PI, C. Yang - PI).

"Establishing Compliance Test Criteria for Side-facing Aircraft Seats,"? ADMRC - Aircraft Design and Manufacturing Research Center, March 1997 - December 1999, (PI).

"Design Evaluation of the C-130J Heads-Up-Display,"? Lockheed Martin, March 1998 - April 1998, (Co-PI, S. Hooper - PI).

"Water Jet Impingement Forming of Aluminum Aircraft Skins,"?ADMRC - Aircraft Design and Manufacturing Research Center, January 1999 - December 1999, (Co-PI, J. Mathis - PI).

"Learjet/Bombardier Academic Excellence Fellowship,"? Learjet-Bombardier, August 1998 - August 2001.

"Three-point Restraint Systems for Aircraft Seat Testing,"? Schroth Aircraft Belts Inc., total of 65 restraint systems, May 1997, (PI).

"Software EASi-MAD for Pre- and Post-processing of Crash Dynamics Data,"? EASi-Megatech Corp., 1992-1998, (PI).

"Software EASi-CRASH for Crashworthiness Analysis," ?EASi-Megatech Corp., since 1997, (PI).

"Development and Evaluation of Simplified Head Impact Component Testing Methodologies,"? Federal Aviation Administration, July 1996 - March 1998, (PI).

"Aircraft Bulkheads for Head Impact Testing,"? Continental Airlines, total of 40 bulkheads and two galleys, October 1996, (PI).

"Simplified HIC Component Testing and Analysis for Reducing Interior Aircraft Certification Time and Cost,"? State/Industry/University (SIU) Cooperative Research Center, January 1997 - December 1997, (PI).

"Crashworthiness and Occupant Protection of Transportation Systems," NATO/ASI (North Atlantic Treaty Organization/Advanced Science Institute), NATO Scientific and Environmental Affairs and NSF (National Science Foundation), Graduate Fellowship Program,? ?Travel Grants for US Participants, Portugal, July 1996.

"Learjet/Bombardier Academic Excellence Fellowship," Learjet-Bombardier, August 1995- August 1998.

"Computational Dynamics for Vehicle Crashworthiness,"? Joint Research between Instituto Superior Tecnico in Portugal and WSU, supported by JNICT (NSF equivalent in Portugal), January 1993 - January 1995, (Co-PI, J. Ambrosio - PI).

"Dynamic Seat Testing and Analysis,"? Federal Aviation Administration, July 1995 - July 1996, (Co-PI, S.J. Hooper - PI).

"Automated Body Movement Tracking in Crash Environment Using Machine Vision,"? Federal Aviation Administration Grants Program, May 1993 - December 1993, (PI).

"Travel Grant for Ralph R. Teetor Outstanding Educator Award,"? Society of Automotive Engineers for trip to Annual Congress and Exposition, February 1993, (PI).

"Impact Dynamics of Multibody Mechanical Systems - Application in Crashworthiness," NATO/ASI (North Atlantic Treaty Organization/Advanced Science Institute on "Computer-Aided Analysis of Mechanical Systems,"? NATO Scientific and Environmental Affairs Travel Grant to Portugal, June 1993, (PI).

"Development of an Improved Biodynamics Model for SOM-LA/TA,"? Federal Aviation Administration, October 1993 - September 1994, (PI).

"Injury Biomechanics of Human Head-Brain-Neck System,"? Wesley Medical Foundation, Wichita, Kansas, January 1992 - September 1994, (PI).

"Occupant Biodynamic Responses for Evaluation of Aircraft Crash Safety,"? Federal Aviation Administration, June 1991 - September 1993, (PI).

"Crack Detection, Surface-Generated Scratches, and Mechanical Paint Removal of Aging Aircraft,"? Federal Aviation Administration, October 1990 - August 1992 (Co-PI, J. Talia - PI).

"Automatic Generation and Numerical Solution of Equations for Analysis and Design of Mechanical Systems,"? University Research Grant, Wichita State University, January 1990 - May 1990 (PI).


Other Interests

Dr. Lankarani has been teaching at WSU Department of Mechanical Engineering since August 1989. He has developed and taught many undergraduate and graduate classes in the design stem of the department, and his courses are some of most populous courses in the College of Engineering. He is passionate about teaching, and treats his students as members of his extended family. Over the years some of his former students have achieved significant accomplishments in their careers, including:

  • Choon Ng, 1996 MS, 1994 BS, previously a Crash Safety scientist a Nissan Corporation, Inventor of Rainbow Loom (a $M60/YR company)
  • Deren Ma, 1993 PhD, President, Cherry Automotive Worldwide, China
  • Khalid Raza, 1992 MS, Originator of Cisco Center at WSU, Distinguished Engineer at Cisco Systems, Retired from Cisco Systems at age 32, Distinguished Technologist at HP, Founder and CTO of Viptela Networking Co., San Jose, California
  • Rajiv Menon, 1995 PhD, R&D Director, Dorel Juvenile Group, Columbus, Indiana
  • Hamid Beheshti, 2004 PhD, Professor and Chair, University of Isfahan, Isfahan, Iran
  • Olivares, Gerardo, 2001 PhD, Director of Crashworthiness Research, NIAR, WSU


Basam Al-Shaer, 2000 PhD, Professor, Jordan University of Science & Technology, Jordan
Shashishekar Shivaswamy, 1997 PhD, Manager, Airbus, Bangalore, India
Chandra Kompalli, 1994 MS, founder of Global Information Systems, Inc. Detroit, Michigan
Mahesh Swamy, 1996-MS, Manager, Chrysler Corp., Detroit, Michigan
Hari Nagarajan, 2008 PhD, 2008 MS, Manager, Space-X, Los Angeles, California
Visnu Ramalingham, 2001 MS, Business Manager of Ford Engineering Technology Services, India
Soma S. Dhara, 2001 MS, Manager, BE Aerospace, Miami, Florida
Alan Adams, 2000 MS, PhD 2002, Manager, Spirit Aerosystems, Wichita, Kansas
Radhika Vaddepati, 2003 MS, Manager, B/E Aerospace, Tucson, Arizona
Raju Tumarada, 2003 MS, Manager, Gulfstream, Savannah, Georgia
James Gross, 2009 BS, 2012 MS, Production Manager, Space-X, Los Angeles, California