Ph.D., Mechanical Engineering, Wichita State University
M.S., Mechanical Engineering, Wichita State University
B.S., Mechanical Engineering, Kettering University

Specializing in: Research, testing and certification for transportation seats and restraint systems under dynamic impact conditions.


Areas of Research Interest
  • Fifteen years of experience in research testing for structural crashworthiness and injury biomechanics projects:
  • Research and development of automated methodology for evaluating ATD kinematics from accelerometer and angular rate sensor data
  • Research and development of measurement methods of ES-2re leg flail in side facing seats
  • Led experimental testing of ASSURE UAS Ground Collision project, developed transfer functions for neck shear and provided input on all applicable head and neck injury criteria
  • Experimental research testing for development and certification by analysis methods for aircraft interiors, aircraft and rotorcraft seating systems, and crashworthiness of metallic and composite structures and full-scale fuselage sections
  • Design and manufacturing of sub-system and component level testing for dynamic ATD impact and FMH testing and quasi-static component and structural testing
  • Troubleshooting, repair, and development of complex servo-hydraulic crash simulator systems and pneumatically powered launch systems, and inertia-based impact systems for full-scale, sled, and component tests
  • Twelve years of experience in software coding for data analysis and report generation.
  • Managed $10M, 2 year project for the design, construction, and installation of equipment for the specialized AVET building
  • Olivares, G., Zinzuwadia, C., Gomez, L., Huculak, R., and Kona Ravi, A., “Crashworthiness by Analysis: Vertical Drop Test and Simulation of a Composite H4000 Fuselage Section,” The Ninth Triennial International Fire & Cabin Safety Research Conference, October 2019.
  • Huculak, R.D. and Lankarani, H.M., “Methods of Evaluating ES-2 Leg Flail in Dynamic Evaluation and Certification Tests of Side-Facing Aircraft Seats,” International Journal of Crashworthiness, 20:6, 613-628, 2015.
  • Huculak, R.D. and Lankarani, H.M., “Use of Euler Parameters for the Evaluation of ATD Head Trajectory from Angular Rate Sensor and Accelerometer Data in Aircraft Seat Certification Testing,” International Journal of Crashworthiness, 18:2, pp. 174-182, 2013.
Professional Experience
  • 4/2011-Present | Laboratory Manager | National Institute for Aviation Research | USA
  • 10/2008-4/2011 | Research Engineer | National Institute for Aviation Research | USA
  • 3/2006-6/2008 | Research and Development Engineering Intern | Pierce Manufacturing | USA
  • 3/2005-12/2005 | Engineering Intern | First Technology Safety Systems (now Humanetics) | USA