The Wichita State University Excellence in Research Award is made annually to a WSU faculty member who has, in the judgment of his or her peers, established an exemplary and demonstrable record of research that has not only enhanced the faculty member's career, but has also advanced the University's research mission.


All full-time faculty, including distinguished professors and endowed chairs, who have served at WSU for at least three years are eligible. Faculty who hold an administrative position above that of Chair are not eligible. Previous winners of the award are ineligible to be nominated for a period of five years following the award.


All full- and part-time faculty members are eligible to make nominations on the form below, based upon one or more of the following criteria:

  1. The nominee is the author or co-author of recent publications (journal articles, monographs, conference proceedings, etc.) that are frequently cited, are recognized as being significant in the field of research, or have won awards.
  2. Recognition of the nominee's contribution to research has been made through invitations to present papers or keynote addresses at scholarly meetings, or through nominations to membership in prestigious scholarly or professional organizations.
  3. The nominee has received competitive, peer-reviewed research grants that represent significant support of an on-going research project.
  4. The nominee has won awards or has been recognized for the quality or applicability of his or her research by government or private agencies, professional organizations, businesses and industries, including local entities of these types.
  5. The nominee has supported the research mission of the University by providing leadership for a WSU research center or initiative, coordinating multi-investigator proposals or projects, mentoring new faculty members, contributing to efforts that promote research on campus or in the department, or writing or speaking of the benefits of research to society.
  6. The nomination package for this award may include evidence from the last 5 years.

Nomination Package

The nomination package should include at least

  • Nomination Form
  • Complete curriculum vitae
  • Delineation of nominee’s role in multi-authored works (the role and level of contribution to these works)
  • Evidence of impact of research (citations, reviews, inclusion in professional discussion or debate in the field, etc.)
  • Three letters of support, speaking to the criteria above, from on- and/or off-campus colleagues.

Excluding support letters and nomination form, additional materials are limited to a maximum of 25 pages.

Selection Process

  1. The Faculty Support Committee will review nominations and recommend one candidate to the Provost.
  2. The award will be announced in the spring.

Award Amount:  $2,500

Previous Awardees

Wichita State University Excellence in Research Award nomination form