Payment cards currently accepted by Wichita State University departments include Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express, along with the major card brand subsidiaries. Please note that this does not apply to Student Account Suite for tuition, housing, etc.

Participating WSU departments are assessed a fee that covers the card processing fees and software. All employees in a department who will be working with payment card transactions are required to complete FERPA and annual security training. Depending on the payment processing methods used, the department may be required to provide an active dedicated ethernet port (only payment card transactions may be run from this network location).

Options for Accepting Payment Cards:

If your department is interested in accepting credit and debit card payments, please contact Accounts Receivable. There are several options available.

  • TouchNet Cashiering (CME) - for in-person or "card present" transactions. The department would have a credit card swipe machine and the customer would sign for the transaction. (Dedicated port may be required.)
  • TouchNet Marketplace uPay or uStore - for online or "card-not-present" transactions. These transactions require card holder billing address and cvv verification. (Dedicated port required if payments are accepted on campus.)
  • TouchNet Marketplace Point of Sale - for in person or "card present" transactions. The department would have a credit card swipe machine and the customer would sign for the transaction. These devices can be portable and are available to be checked out for events. (Dedicated port may be required.)

PCI Compliance

WSU abides by the payment card industry (PCI) standards known as PCI-DSS (Payment Card Industry – Data Security Standard). The goal of these standards is to protect card information of students, staff, faculty and community members who use their credit or debit card to purchase goods or services offered by any WSU department or organization.

Prior to receiving access to the software applications used in the processing of credit cards at WSU, you will be required to complete an online training. Contact Accounts Receivable to be enrolled in this training. You must be enrolled with a unique username and password to be able to access the training.

Each department accepting card payments is required to maintain a set of departmental procedures. Please contact Accounts Receivable for assistance, including a template that may be used, or if making any updates to your department's procedures.

Please note: If your department is hosting an outside speaker or performer who wishes to accept card payments for their merchandise, or hosting an event with vendors, the entity accepting the payments is responsible for their own PCI compliance and must complete and return the Acceptance of Payment Cards by Non-WSU Merchants form prior to their event. Contact Accounts Receivable with any questions.

WSU is obligated to acquire PCI compliance documentation from any company we do business with that requires payment by card. Examples may include directing a student to go to a particular site to purchase course materials or software (regardless of whether WSU benefits from the purchase). Please provide as much information as possible (such as company name and contact information) for these businesses and send to creditcards@wichita.edu.



Statement of the University's policy for handling payment card data — WSU Policies and Procedures, Section 13.14, Security of Payment Card Data Policy

For more information regarding PCI compliance please visit the PCI Security Standards Council site.