Information for WSU Departments


Cash Box

Departments can request a cash box for fundraisers or events through Accounts Receivable.

WSU recommends that the request for a cash box does not exceed $150.00.

  • Accounts Receivable must be notified at least one business day prior to the event or fundraiser that a cash box is needed to ensure there is one available.
  • Shortages must be made up by the department/group/organization.
  • If more than $150.00 is needed, an additional approval process will be required due to our cash limits.
Cash Reimbursements Under $25

There are two ways to be reimbursed for expenses that do not exceed $25.00.

1. If the amount of reimbursement request is over $5.01, an Invoice Control Document (ICD), accompanied by receipt(s), can be completed and submitted to Purchasing. This method will require a longer wait time and consists of more steps resulting in a check being generated to the recipient.

2. All amounts under $25.00 can be submitted using the Cash Reimbursement Request form which should be presented to Accounts Receivable along with receipts to support the transaction. This method is more cost effective as it does not require the University to generate a check and the turn-around time is immediate. If the individual submitting the expense for reimbursement is already on campus, they have the convenience of taking their request directly to Accounts Receivable which is located in Room 201 of Jardine Hall.


This process for cash reimbursement method cannot be used for various types of transactions that are considered 1099 reportable (e.g. gift cards or services rendered). For general 1099 inquiries, contact Accounts Payable at (316) 978-3070 Option 3.

For other questions and/or assistance contact Accounts Receivable by email at or phone (316) 978-3070 Option 1.

Cash Transfers

The Cash Transfer between Organizations form is used to transfer cash (revenue) from one organization to another organization (example: a college or academic unit helping supplement cash for one of its departments). No department should have a negative cash balance at the end of the fiscal year. Check Reporting Services to review current cash and budget balances. Do not submit the cash transfer form if the department transferring cash does not have enough cash or enough available budget. Any cash or budget deficits in the transferring department's fund must be corrected first.  Accounts Receivable processes cash transfers for Restricted Use (RU) and Sponsored Research Overhead (SRO) funds.

Do use:

  • To transfer Restricted Use (RU) funds to another Restricted Use (RU) fund
Don’t use:
  • To pay for services
  • To transfer General Use (GU) funds
  • To transfer safekeeping funds

The organization transferring the cash (revenue) must prepare this document using the same type of Banner funding, i.e., Restricted Use (RU) or Sponsored Research Overhead (SRO), on the top and the bottom sections of the form.  The correct organization name and Banner fund numbers for each organization must be on the form in the designated fields and the amounts at the top and bottom of the form must be equal. The State Fund # field on the form is used by Financial Operations (AR) and cannot be accessed by the preparer.  Note: General Use fund numbers must never be used on this form. The Budget Adjustment form is to be used for the transfer of General Use funds.

Fields at the top of the form must be completed so that the preparer may be contacted for information that is needed prior to processing the cash transfer.

Cash transfers will be processed in the order received and ordinarily within two or three business days. Forms must be received by Financial Operations (AR) before the fiscal year deadline established annually by the University Budget Office and Financial Operations.

For questions and/or assistance, please contact Accounts Receivable by email at or by phone at (316) 978-3070 Option 1.

Credit and Debit Cards

Departments have the opportunity to accept credit and debit card payments. Please visit Accepting Payment Cards for more information.

Departmental Charges and Refunds to Students

If your department has access to TSAMASS for mass entry of charges/refunds, enter the amount on the student account. If your department does not have access to TSAMASS, email the WSU ID, name of person to be billed or refunded, address, phone number, detail code, FOAP (Fund, Org, Account), and dollar amount to Accounts Receivable at

If no Banner ID exists for the person to be billed, contact Accounts Payable at (316) 978-3070 Option 3 to request that one be created.

Direct questions about departmental charges to Accounts Receivable at (316) 978-3070 Option 1.

Departmental Deposits

State law requires that all tuition, fees and other charges collected by Wichita State University be deposited as State funds with WSU Accounts Receivable.


WSU Policies and Procedures 13.01/Deposit of Cash Receipts

Check Payments:

  • Checks should be made payable to "Wichita State University."
  • Each check is to be endorsed with the following university endorsement: View Pay to the Order Of Endorsement
  • Federal Reserve Bank regulations require the endorsement stamp to be in the first 1½ inches from the left end of the check.
  • Checks drawn on U.S. banks without Federal Reserve coding numbers should be sent to AR as a separate deposit.
  • International checks should be sent to AR as a separate deposit.
Transporting Departmental Deposits:

  • Departments are responsible for the safety of deposits in their possession and need to make arrangements for proper security of the deposit. Accounts Receivable supplies each department with locked bags.
  • Monies deposited by departments must be accompanied by a printout of the web deposit receipt.
  • The University Post Office has agreed to transport deposits through campus mail as long as the deposit is in the Accounts Receivable LOCKED bag. No cash or checks should ever go through campus mail unsecured.
  • All money collected must be delivered to Accounts Receivable, Room 201 Jardine Hall within one business day. Allow two business days for deposits to show in Banner after the deposit has been made.
Need Change Only:

Arrangments have been made with Campus Credit Union located next to the the University Police Department so that departments can use the locked bags for change orders.

Forms and Links:

Web deposit templates are created only by Accounts Receivable and are department-specific. To receive access, you will be required to attend training. Please register through myTraining in the WSU portal.

Contact Accounts Receivable for template creation or maintenance via email at or phone at (316) 978-3070 Option 1.

To deposit reimbursements to a department (for example, repayment of a procurement card purchase or recovery of expenditures), please use the Departmental Deposit Reimbursement template.
Departmental Training

Accounts Receivable has developed extensive training tutorials that can benefit departmental employees. To access available courses, please visit Resources, Road to Success, located on the myFinances tab of the myWSU portal.

An imprest fund is used to provide for transactions which demand immediate attention. In general, the imprest fund is to be used in exceptional situations.
Using an imprest change fund

Departments who routinely process cash transactions may request the establishment of a permanent change fund. Change funds (to be maintained in the form of cash) are established exclusively for the making of change when receiving amounts due to the state.

  • Change funds are not to be used for check-cashing, to provide a loan, or to make a payment. The cash of the change fund is to be kept separate from the cash of any employee. These funds are to be maintained in a businesslike manner in an approved location with adequate security.
  • University units must deposit all receipts with Accounts Receivable within one business day. Monies may not be withheld from deposits for any reason, such as change funds, petty cash, or to cash checks.
  • Change funds are subject to audits at any time (without notice) by Accounts Receivable staff and/or State of Kansas auditors.

Process to request a change fund:

  • Submit Application form Establish Change Fund DA-74 form to Accounts Receivable for approval.
  • Accounts Receivable will submit the application to the Director of the Division of Accounts and Reports.
  • When the change fund has been approved by the Director of Accounts and Reports, the University will be notified.
  • Monies to establish the change fund will be provided as starting cash to the custodian.
  • It is the custodian's responsibility to submit the Reconciliation of Change Fund DA-75 form and the Record of Long or Short DA-76 form to Accounts Receivable by the 15th of each month for the previous month's activity.
  • All longs and shorts need to be addressed immediately with Accounts Receivable by completing the Record of Long or Short DA-76 form.
  • Change in the custodian, alternate custodian, supervising employee, or University unit head requires an updated Application to Establish Change Fund (DA-74) form be submitted to Accounts Receivable.
  • For the establishment of a temporary change fund for a short term event, please request a cash box.
Requesting a check from imprest

Departments may request a check from the imprest fund for transactions which demand immediate attention or advance payment.
  • Always plan in advance. When possible, state-issued checks should be used for all payments, which can be processed in three to five business days.
  • Imprest fund is not a method to avoid state or federal reporting requirements.
  • Imprest fund cannot be used for cash payments. If a cash payment to a participant is preferred, include the distribution of this participant payment as part of services provided by an alternate agency and WSU will issue a state check to the agency for these payments.
  • Imprest fund can be used when:
    • Imprest funds are available (Financial Operations will confirm)
    • Requestor has no other outstanding imprest fund requests
    • Payment requires immediate attention
    • Correcting a WSU error on an employee's payroll payment. A $100 administrative fee will be assessed for each request. See WSU Policies and Procedures 13.07
    • Imprest funds can never be used to make payments to a business or corporation
    • Imprest funds cannot be used for individual participant payments even when the participants are not known until the date of the activity

Process to request an imprest check:

  • Submit Imprest Fund Check Request Form to Accounts Receivable in Room 201 Jardine Hall.
  • Certificate of Expense must be completed and returned with an ICD for reimbursement of the imprest fund from the paying fund. Each participant receiving payment must sign this document.
  • State and federal tax rules must be followed.
  • Form W-9 must be completed for all individuals receiving payment, regardless of the amount of the payment.
  • Payments made to non-US residents may require withholding.



K.S.A. 75-3078

Third Party Billings to Non-University Customers

Amounts due Wichita State University for sales of goods or services to non-University customers, including sponsors of University research.

The actual collection of accounts receivable from non-University customers will be handled by the Accounts Receivable department with assistance from the generating department.  Benefits include:

  • Maximizes the University’s cash flow through the timely collection of receivables;
  • Minimizes exposure from uncollectible receivables; and
  • Increases the integrity of the financial statements through consolidation of receivables and revenue.

In the event a collection is not realized in a specified time period, Accounts Receivable may refer the uncollected receivable to one of its collection agencies and/or to the state setoff program.  Amounts deemed uncollectible after all reasonable collection efforts have been taken will be written-off.

Note:  Student accounts receivable are handled separately from this process. For more information on what to do if a student owes your department, please see the “Departmental Charges and Refunds to Students” section on this page.

Requirements of department

  • Prepare invoice, but do not mail to the customer. Departments are responsible for generating accurate and timely billings.
  • Contact Accounts Receivable via email at and include the following information:
    • Customer name and contact information
    • Invoice number, amount and description
    • Your department’s contact person and how to reach them
    • Banner fund, org and account to receive the revenue
Tuition and Fee Approval

All students are required to pay fees as published in Wichita State University’s Comprehensive Fee Schedule. The Comprehensive Fee Schedule is approved annually and published by the Vice President for Finance and Administration. The process for approval of fees is as follows:

  1. Department forwards request to Dean
  2. Dean forwards request to designated Vice President
  3. Designated Vice President forwards request to Vice President for Finance and Administration
  4. Vice President for Finance and Administration forwards to President
  5. If the increase or new fee generates an amount in excess of $250,000 annually, the President presents to the Kansas Board of Regents. (NOTE: Changes in student housing fees must go to the Board for first reading in November and to the Board for final action in December. Fees required of every student as a condition of enrollment must go to the Board at the same time as tuition rates which is generally in May/June.)