Payee/Vendor Name – Who is being paid? This person or company's name, address, city, state and zip code are required on the form. If a myWSU ID is known, please include it on the form. Accounts Payable may need to create an ID for vendors and individuals who are not WSU faculty/staff or students. If so, please have the person to be paid complete a W9 and attach it to the check request form. A list of frequently used vendors is available for your reference.

Check Mailed to Payee - If you would like the check to be mailed to the payee, and not sent back to the sponsor's campus box, please mark yes for the check to be mailed to the address on the check request.

Description of Charges - What is the reimbursement for? For example: Supplies, hotel, airfare.

Banner Fund and Banner Organization - The group’s sponsor, office contact and treasurer have access to the account information in Reporting Services, including the Banner fund and organization numbers. The Banner fund begins with a “W” and the Banner organization begins with “10”.

Amount – How much should this check be made out for? This should equal or be less than the supporting documents accompanying the form. Supporting documents can be receipts, invoices or other documentation of the amount.

Safekeeping Name – Name of the safekeeping group.

Requestor’s Name – The name of the group's office contact, treasurer or sponsor. If the sponsor is requesting the check, then they should not be signing off on the request. In this case, the office contact may sign in place of the Sponsor.

Sponsor's Signature – Sponsor/budget officer of the safekeeping group, unless the sponsor is the one requesting the check (see Requestor's Name above).

Once the check request is processed and refund is generated, a yellow copy of the check request will be sent in the campus mail to the box number listed on the form by the person(s) who have filled out the request. At the bottom of the check request AR will let the safekeeping group know what action has been taken under processing details.

The completed form and supporting documents must be submitted to Accounts Receivable in Jardine Hall, room 201 or sent in campus mail to box 38.

Note: When requesting a reimbursement from a safekeeping account that has received money from SGA for an approved purpose, receipts are not needed as they are already on file with Accounts Receivable.

Questions? Contact Accounts Receivable at 978-3333.