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Who is eligible to apply?

 Wichita State University will provide a tuition discount to a non-resident student who has been admitted and meets the following qualifications:

Shocker Select rate applies to residents of Arkansas, Colorado, Illinois, Iowa, Missouri, Nebraska, Oklahoma, and Texas (excludes the counties listed above that are eligible for the Shocker City Partnership rate).


KBOR Policy Manual Chapter II: D-1-f: i-iii


Where may eligible students apply? 

Option 1. The waiver should be applied once student is admitted to the university. If you are not seeing the waiver on your student billing statement this means you do not have a qualifying address on file with the university or are in a program that does not charge non-resident tuition rates. Please use the myWSU portal to update your university record with a qualifying address.

Option 2. In the event the waiver is not applied, and the address on your student account is updated, please submit the below form to WSU Accounts Receivable for review.

Shocker City/Select Waiver Form

By updating your address, you agree to the below:

I certify that the information provided is true, accurate and complete without misrepresentation. I understand that if this information is found to be false or misleading, this fact alone is sufficient cause for my being denied Shocker City/Select discount now and in the future. In consideration of the University’s provision of any partial tuition discount to me, I agree to repay as a lawful debt owed to Wichita State University any tuition that is waived based on false or misleading information I provide.

The tuition discount will be approved when information has been verified. Once the review has been completed, the discount will be applied to the student’s account. The student must be classified as a non-resident student who pays non-resident tuition rates to receive this discount. The tuition discount will be applied within the current academic semester.