Wellness Trainings

Supporting others starts with learning how ...

#WSUWeSupportU- Preventing Suicide 

For faculty, staff, and students. A free, 1.5 hour training on helping individuals recognize the signs of crises, and how to intervene with someone who may be experiencing suicidal thoughts. This training is provided in order to help reduce suicidal behaviors and save lives, and was created right here at Wichita State University. Learn how to intervene and prevent suicide. Faculty and Staff register on myTraining, and students can register for Suicide Prevention Training here.

(This training is open to community members at a small fee of $20.)


CARE Team Training

For faculty and staff. Do you want to learn how to respond to problem behavior in the classroom, in the workplace, or while you are out and about on campus? The Care Team (formerly the University Behavior Intervention Team) is offering Campus Workshops that are designed to help you learn what you can do to help keep our campus safe. To learn more about CARE Team, click here. To register, go to myWSU, then go to the Faculty/Staff tab and click myTraining.

Safe Zone

For faculty, staff and students. This training is a dynamic, interactive session that includes activities and discussion around:

  • Inclusive language
  • The process of coming out
  • The power of the straight ally
  • Understanding sexual identity
  • How to respond to homophobic incidents
  • Resources
  • And much more!

Students can register for Safe Zone training here, and faculty and staff can register through myTraining.

Gender Diversity

For faculty, staff and students. This training will cover:

  • Gender identity
  • Transitioning
  • Challenges posed
  • Myths
  • Misconceptions
  • Inclusive language
  • Resources
  • And much more!

Click here to register for Gender Diversity training if you are a student, or go to myTraining to register if you are staff or faculty.

Ability Ally Training

For faculty and staff. Ability Allies are a network of faculty, staff and students who take a visible role in promoting disability awareness, supporting persons with disabilities and maintaining resources for working and interacting with people with disabilities. This training is designed to shape your perspective on ability versus disability and providing an open forum for questions and concerns for those interacting with individuals with disabilities. Register through myTraining.

Green Zone

For faculty and staff. This training is to help increase awareness of Veteran issues on campus. Go to myTraining to register.

Campus Safety and Social Responsibility

For faculty and staff. This training is to help increase awareness campus safety and social responsibility. Go to myTraining to register.