Overview and History

In 1965 Upward Bound was created to provide an opportunity for all students who are first generation (parents did not graduate from college), and limited income the opportunity to pursue college immediately after high school graduation. Upward Bound creates an academic plan of support for every year of high school so students remain on track in accumulating the necessary credits for graduation and post-secondary education. The “Communication” is that our program is in partnership with WSU’s Elliott School of Communication. We’re based in Elliott Hall on the main campus. Whatever profession you decide to enter, you’ll be required to be proficient in the art & skill of communication. In other words, “one cannot not communicate.” 

Introduce students to the world of communication

Our program introduces high school students to the world of communication. That includes understanding how we connect with others, our personal identity, communication in personal relationships, the verbal dimension of communication as well as careers in the communication field. We also provide up close and personal opportunities for students to explore diverse careers including engineering, science, medical field, and education.

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