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Building Coordinators

A listing by building of those individuals who have agreed to be Emergency Building Coordinators. The Chief Emergency Building Coordinator for each building is noted with an asterisk before their name. The training date is the most recently attended EBC classroom training. Please complete the EBC Update Form for any updates to this list.

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Building Name Coordinator Name Department/Floor  Email Address
Ablah Library Alisha Peterson 1st Floor
Ablah Library Cynorra Jackson 1st Floor
Ablah Library Ginger Williams 1st Floor
Ablah Library Brent Mai 1st Floor
Ablah Library Joeli Gomez Stacks and Facilities Supervisor
Ablah Library William Weare  Associate Dean
Ablah Library Kelsey Unruh 1st Floor
AEGD Amanda Conner AEGD
Ahlberg Hall Carrie Wyatt CSD/4th Floor
Ahlberg Hall Ashley Buckner DH Clinic/2nd Floor
Ahlberg Hall Lisa Garcia PT/1st Floor
Ahlberg Hall Mahsa Maghsoudi Psych/1st Floor
Ahlberg Hall Shawna Olberding PHS/3rd Floor
Ahlberg Hall Karla Sharp DH/3rd Floor
Ahlberg Hall Dorene Owen Nursing/2nd Floor
Ahlberg Hall Coni Nutter 4th Floor /Dean's office
Ahlberg Hall Traci Taylor ALL /Dean's office
Ahlberg Hall Amy McClintock Nursing/5th Floor
Ahlberg Hall Amanda Rose Nursing/5th Floor
Ahlberg Hall Susie Jacques MLS/1st Floor
Airbus/Partnership Building 1 Sami Watkins Fire Point
Aviation Testing Building Zhi Yang Tee
Beggs Hall Randal Reust Aerospace Engineering
Brennan I Richard Schwasinger Brennan 1
Brennan II Vivian Pham, M.Ed Assistant Director/Statistician
Brennan III Larry Ramos Brennan III
Cessna Stadium  Tyler Good
Cessna Stadium  Kayla Jost
Cessna Stadium  Sam Pitman
Cessna Stadium  Brad Pittman
Child Development Center Michelle Jarboe
Child Development Center Amy Mease  Child Development Center
Child Development Center Jillian Hoefer Child Development Center
Clark YMCA / Student Health Chris Leonard Student Health Services
Clark YMCA / Student Health Mikela Bonner Student Health Services mikela.bonner@wichita.eduw
Coleman Tennis Tyler Good
Coleman Tennis Kayla Jost
Coleman Tennis Sam Pitman
Coleman Tennis Brad Pittman
Corbin Hall Aaron Rife SOE Director, 1st floor
Corbin Hall Justin Gordon Graduation Coordinator and Administrative Specialist
Devlin Hall Carrie Venezia
Duerksen Fine Arts Ann Marie Brown School of Music
Eck Stadium Brad Pittman
Eck Stadium Tyler Good
Eck Stadium Kayla Jost
Eck Stadium Sam Pitman
Elliott Hall Amy Solano School of Communication
Elliott Hall Jeff Jarman School of Communication
Engineering Building Steve Copeland Mechanical Engineering
Engineering Building Nikki Ross Mechanical Engineering
Fiske Hall Michelle Cronkleton Philosophy
Fiske Hall Janice McKown History
Gaddis Physical Plant Augustine Collard Facilities Services
Garvey Center Tonya Baldwin International Education
Geology Building William Parcell Geology
Geology Building Kevin Smith Geology
Grace Wilkie / Annex Kathy Gale LAS Advising
Grace Wilkie / Annex Kayleen Hallberg Disability Services
Henrion Hall Tanna Burchinal Art Design
Heskett Center Beth Albers Campus Recreation
Heskett Center Karolina Mosa Campus Recreation
Hubbard Hall Marcia Norton Biological Sciences/5th Floor
Human Resources Hollie Johnston Human Resources
Human Resources Michelle Block Human Resources
Jabara Hall Connie Adamek Mathematics & Statistics/Basement
Jabara Hall Deana Beek Mathematics & Statistics/3rd Floor
Jabara Hall Janise Eck Mathematics & Statistics/3rd Floor
Jardine Hall Sally Fiscus  Registrar's Office/1st Floor
Jardine Hall Angie Linder Financial Aid/2nd Floor
Jardine Hall Carol McCall  Graduate School/1st Floor
Jardine Hall Cathy Ramirez Library/3rd Floor
Jardine Hall Denise Gimlin Graduate School/1st Floor
Jardine Hall Kristi Wright  Financial Operations/2nd Floor
Jardine Hall Melissa Ellenz  Modern & Classical Language/3rd Floor
Jardine Hall Shelly Magee ORTT/4th Floor
Jerry Moran Center (AVET) Rob Huculak Research Scientist
John Bardo Center Ken Wiseman GoCreate/1st Floor
John Bardo Center Macy Carney
John Bardo Center Tirza Lobato
John Bardo Center Nathan Smith
John Bardo Center Ken Walker
John Bardo Center Richard Saclk Engineering
Koch Arena Tyler Good
Koch Arena Kayla Jost
Koch Arena Sam Pitman
Koch Arena Brad Pittman Athletics
Lindquist Beth Kennedy School of Public Affairs/2nd Floor
Lindquist Debbie Neill LAS Dean's Office/2nd Floor
Lindquist Sandra Ranney Social Science Research/4th Floor
Marcus Welcome Center Laura Garcia Undergraduate Admissions
Marcus Welcome Center Garrett Rupp Undergraduate Admissions
McKinley Hall Mary Cambridge Chemistry/1st Floor
McKinley Hall Doug English
McKinley Hall Jim Bann
McKinley Hall Susan McCoy Chemistry/1st Floor
McKnight Hall Kyla Gaston
Media Resources Center Matt Claxton Director, Campus Media Services
Metro Complex Anita Edwards Event Services
Metro Complex James Brewster Workforce Education
Metro Complex Ashley Purdum Clinic Professor
Morrison Hall Karla Burris 2nd Floor
Morrison Hall Matt Albers  Postal Services/1st Floor
Morrison Hall Leah Lipke  Shocker Printing Solutions/Basement
Neff Hall Cynthia Allensworth
Neff Hall Julie Robinson Anthropology
NIAR Emmanuel Massawe Composites & Structures/1st Floor
NIAR Vincent Tanoto Composites & Structures/2nd Floor
Partnership Building  Justin Turner Program Manager
Partnership Building  Jake Steward
Partnership Building  Andrea Gartman  Engineering Dean's Office
Partnership Building Larissa Tessendorf College of Engineering
Police Department Kyle Garwood Captain
Shocker Hall Carley Enyart Housing and Residence Life
Shocker Hall Megan Brown Housing and Residence Life
Shocker Success Center      
The Flats Katie Austin Housing and Residence Life
The Flats Grace Henderson Housing and Residence Life
The Suites Lauren Wilson Housing and Residence Life
Wallace Hall Lindsey Ott
Wallace Hall Laura Cook
Wilkins Stadium Tyler Good
Wilkins Stadium Kayla Jost
Wilkins Stadium Sam Pitman
Wilkins Stadium Brad Pittman
Weideman Hall Ray Clithero Performance Facilities
Wilner Auditorium Stacy Salters School of Performing Arts
WIlner Auditorium Melissa Penkava Koza School of Performing Arts
Woodman Alumni Center Katie Link Foundation
Woodman Alumni Center Yen Nguyen Primary EBC
Woodman Alumni Center Loretta Lundy Foundation 
Woolsey Hall Megan Steele Chief EBC
Woolsey Hall Zachary Brown
Woolsey Hall Jenn Lopez
WSU Haysville D. Michael Yeung Director
WSU Shocker Studios Justin Roabaugh Director
WSU Old town D. Michael Yeung Director
WSU Old town Traci Taylor WSU South
WSU Tech South Dr. Jennifer Seymour WSU Tech
WSU Tech South Eric Poe WSU Tech
WSU West  Michelle Robinson
WSU West Helena Kaul