Frequently Asked Questions


I have applied for a position. Who should I call to check on my application?

When you have successfully completed the online application, you will receive a confirmation number for that job. The confirmation number acknowledges that your application was received successfully.  All applicants are notified once a decision is made.  As a reminder, the hiring process may take 60-90 days.  If you were disqualified while filling out your application, you will not be considered for that position

How often should I check for new jobs?

Job openings are typically open for a minimum of seven (7) calendar days. Checking once a week should ensure you see all vacant positions.

How do I reset my password to apply for a job?

Click the “I Forgot My Username/Password” button the login page of the job’s website.  Type your username, and click the “Set New Password” button.  Follow the instructions until you are prompted to reset your password. 

I received my Onboarding email, but I cannot complete all the required forms in the checklist by the deadline.  What should I do?

Your password will not expire after the deadline. It is important that you contact HR if you will not be able to complete the checklist prior to your anticipated start date.

What should I do if I do not have a social security number?

If you cannot complete the required new hire paperwork (Onboarding checklist) because you have not applied for or received your social security number, do NOT try to complete the checklist.  The Social Security Number is required for a few forms in the checklist, so you will need the Social Security Number to complete it.  Once you receive a Social Security Number, you can return to the Onboarding portal and finish the checklist.  

I received an email saying that I need to visit Human Resources to finish my I-9.  What else needs to be done?  Can I email or scan you my Form I-9 supporting documents? 

**Due to the COVID19 pandemic and in the practice of social distancing, all I-9 appointments will be held through a Zoom meeting.  To schedule an appointment, please email**

New hires finish section 1 of their I-9 electronically in the Onboarding checklist.  Section 2 of the I-9 must be completed in coordination with Human Resources.  To complete this form, you must provide supporting documentation for the I-9 to a Human Resources representative.  Federal law requires that an authorized representative see and copy the physical documents, documents emailed or faxed will not suffice.  A list of acceptable forms can be found here.  Providing the required documents is a quick process and takes less than 15 minutes. New hires can schedule an appointment with an HR staff member to complete the Form I-9 by emailing

I saw an advertisement about a job opening at Wichita State University, but I cannot find it on the Wichita State jobs website.  How do I apply?
 Wichita State University lists all available job openings on our website.  Some websites such as Indeed, Glassdoor, CareerBuilder, etc., list Wichita State University jobs on their websites.  Wichita State University is not responsible for maintaining the jobs on those websites and cannot guarantee that those postings are accurate and up to date.  To find the full list of open positions at Wichita State University, please visit  
Can I apply for a position by emailing my cover letter and resume to
 Wichita State University is not able to accept resumes via email as our affirmative action plan requires the use of our online applicant tracking system.  The only way to be considered for a position is to apply on our website: 



Created:  04/16/2020  MI