Program Mission Statement

The mission of the Educational Opportunity Centers Program is to provide services for adults desiring to pursue their education beyond high school.

EOC pursues its mission utilizing a professional staff committed to the idea of educational access for persons who are first generation and limited income, also dedicated to the academic, cultural, economic, and social development of adult learners representing diverse backgrounds.

Program Goal

The Centers' goal is to increase the number of adults in the target areas enrolling in colleges and universities.

Program Purpose

EOC seeks to inform both adults and the larger community about educational opportunities that foster the abilities of adults to achieve life changes, enhanced workforce engagement, and effective citizenship in the local, national, and global community.

EOC offers free technical assistance and advising on college application process, financial aid applications, and career exploration is offered to each program participant. Learning events that incorporate best practices and adult education theory are offered to help adults prepare for college entry and re-entry.