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Assistance with the following services:

High School and GED Completion Programs

  • Locating a program

Financial Aid

  • FAFSA- Completion and submission (Free Application for Federal Student Aid)
  • Student Loan Default
  • Financial Aid Verification Process
  • Scholarship Searches

Admissions/School Selection

  • College Applications- Completion and Submission
    • Career/Techinical Schools
    • Community Colleges
    • Universities
  • Identify School with Program of Interest

Career Planning

  • Interest Assessments
  • Career Advising
  • Career Exploration



All the following scholarships are free for EOC Program Participants:

Board of Directors Scholarship: MO-KAN-NE
Several scholarships available under the Board of Directors Scholarship: MO-KAN-NE which are sponsored by the Educational Opportunity Association (EOA) and MO-KAN-NE Boards of Directors.
Four (4) $750 Board of Directors scholarships available from MO-KAN-NE which divided into two (2) designated for college students and two (2) designated for pre-college students. One (1) $1000 Board of Directors scholarship available from Educational Opportunity Association.

TRIO WORKS! Scholarship: MO-KAN-NE
Graduating high school seniors and current college students participating in a TRIO program are invited to compete for a scholarship award of $500. Through sponsoring this scholarship, it is the MO-KAN-NE chapter hopes to gain testimonials to support the fact that TRIO Works!


Rising TRIO Achiever Scholarship: MO-KAN-NE
MKN TRIO alums who are enrolled in or who anticipate being enrolled in at least six graduate credit hours the following fall semester are invited to compete for The Rising TRIO Achiever Scholarship of $500.

Emerging Leader Institute (ELI) Scholarship: MO-KAN-NE
The Emerging Leader Institute (ELI) Scholarship fund was established in collaboration with the EOA Emerging Leaders Institute and the EOA Foundation. One $1000 Emerging Leader Institute Scholarship will be awarded to one student in the EOA region (Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska) toward their educational needs.

EOA silas Purnell Scholarship: MO-KAN-NE
Two $1000 Silas Purnell Scholarship will be available in 2017. The scholarship awards are distributed based on the existing chapter rotation schedule. In 2017, Kansas is one of the chosen EOA chapters to receive the Silas Purnell Scholarship.

EOA Veteran's Scholarship: MO-KAN-NE
The Veterans Scholarship fund was established in collaboration with the EOA Foundation and the EOA Board of Directors. The scholarship is to help veterans with educational expenses as they pursue higher education. Two (2) $500 Veterans Scholarship is available and each chapter will receive one award per year.

Tamara F. Smith Program Award
The Tamara F. Smith Program Award was established in November 2012 to honor Tamara F. Smith, TRIO Advocate, leader and supporter. The Award was developed to continue Ms. Smith's dedication to and belief in assisting TRIO and Educational Opportunity Program in their ability to provide support and direct assistance to students "beyond the norm". One $500 award will be provided annually to an EOC or Talent Search program in the MO-KAN-NE (MKN) chapter of the Educational Opportunity Association (EOA).

NEOCA Annual Scholarship
National Educational Opportunity Centers Association (NEOCA) will provide two scholarships to help cover recipients' educational during the academic year. Two scholarships will be awarded, $1000 each to a HS Equivalency Diploam to Postsecondary Enrollment Scholarship and a Postsecondary Enrollment Scholarship.

HALA Scholarship for Community Service
The HALA Scholarship for Community Service is made possible through funding from the Educational Opportunity Fund. Eligibility includes: USA citizen or permanent resident, enrolled at Wichita State University on a full-time basis, have at least 2.75 cumulative GPA, and students must have completed a minimum of 12 credit hours prior to submission of an application.

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