Changes being made to Compensatory Time for Exempt (salaried) employees

This announcement of changes to compensatory time was published in the October 10, 2019 edition of WSU Today.


In an effort to apply consistent, equitable and impartial rules in accordance with Department of Labor regulations, Wichita State University is transitioning from Compensatory Time (“Comp Time”) to Worked Holiday for benefit-eligible exempt employees, except for 9/10 month faculty.  Employees are encouraged to review the changes outlined below and visit the HR website for exempt employees Frequently Asked Questions.

Currently, when an exempt employee is required by their supervisor to work on a designated Holiday (excluding Veterans Day), the number of hours worked on the holiday are designated as Comp Time to use at a later date. Beginning with the pay period of 2/23/2020, those hours will be designated as Worked Holiday and available to use at a later date.

Benefit-eligible exempt employees, except for 9/10 month faculty, will continue to see the Veterans Day Holiday managed separately from the Worked Holiday. The University is open for business on Veterans Day so many employees are required to work to maintain business operations. For exempt employees that are required to work on Veterans Day, there will be some changes to how the Veterans Day Holiday hours are tracked which are noted below.

All Comp Time and Veterans Day Holiday balances for exempt employees will be paid out in full on the 3/6/2020 paycheck. Exempt employees are encouraged to manage and utilize any Comp Time and Veterans Day Holiday balances they do not wish to be paid out on the 3/6/2020 paycheck. As a reminder, exempt employees may utilize Comp Time and Veterans Day Holiday in full or half day increments.

Beginning with the pay period that starts on 2/23/2020, Comp Time will no longer be earned or available to exempt employees. Hours designated as Worked Holiday or Veterans Day Holiday will not be paid out upon separation, retirement or if an employee transfers from an exempt to a non-exempt position and these hours will be cleared out annually at the end of the fiscal year (June). For this reason, employees are strongly encouraged to use these hours promptly to ensure they receive the benefit of being afforded time off at a later date.

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