Retirement Process

This page contains information and resources to help you with frequently asked questions about retirement at WSU.

Retirement Eligibility

Eligibility to retire depends on which retirement plan you participate in.  Please refer to the Retirement Eligibility page.  

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Retirement Timeline


  • Download or print a copy of the Benefits Information for Separating Employees.
  • Make a decision about health coverage in retirement.  Schedule an appointment with SHICK if needing assistance understanding or choosing Medicare supplements.
  • Contact Social Security office to enroll in Medicare Part A/B if you will be age 65 and have not already enrolled in Medicare.  Human Resources can provide you the CMS-L564 form verifying coverage if you are enrolling outside your Initial Enrollment Period for Medicare.
  • Contact Social Security office to apply for monthly social security benefit if you are eligible.


  • Notify your department or supervisor in writing of your plan to retire and intended last day of work.  A minimum of a four week notice should be provided for exempt employees and employees with direct reports.  A minimum of a two week notice should be provided for non-exempt employees.  For hard to fill positions or positions with a longer recruiting cycle, please provide as much notice as possible.
  • KPERS Retirement Plan participants should submit retirement application to KPERS
  • Update beneficiary forms as needed.
  • Optional:  Schedule an appointment with KBOR retirement and/or KPERS 457 Plan provider (if applicable)
  • Optional:  Schedule appointment with a tax professional to understand your tax obligations in retirement. 


  • Verify with your department admin that a retirement ePAF has been submitted.
  • Make a decision on if you want to continue life insurance through porting or conversion options.
  • If you need a WSU affiliated email address, contact the Help Desk to request to be transitioned to an email address at retirement.  As per WSU policy, ITS will not be able to transfer saved emails from to mail accounts.  Please find additional information on this process at  
  • Make sure you have updated your address and update your post-retirement email address through the Employee Dashboard and the State Employee Health Plan MAP Portal so that your W-2 and 1095C will be sent to the correct address.
  • Optional:  Verify changes to tax withholdings and/or deferral for your final paycheck with payroll/HR.

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Leave Payouts

Eligible leave payouts will occur on the final paycheck, as long as your department submits the retirement ePAF in a timely fashion.  

At retirement, employees are paid up to 240 hours of vacation and all compensatory time.  The Discretionary Day is not eligible to be paid out. 

At retirement, employees may receive a sick leave payout under the following circumstances:

  • 8+ years of service & 800 hours of accrued sick leave = 240 hours paid
  • 15+ years of service and 1,000 hours of accrued sick leave = 360 hours paid
  • 25+ years of service and 1,200 hours of accrued sick leave = 480 hours paid  

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Medical, Dental, Vision and Supplemental coverages through the State Employee Health Plan (SEHP) end on the last day of the month following their last day worked, unless the last day worked is the first of the month, in which coverage ends on the first. 

Retirees under age 65 can enroll in a Retiree/Direct-Bill plan when COBRA coverage expires.  Retirees age 65 or older can enroll in a Retiree Medicare Supplement offered through SEHP. 

2023 SEHP COBRA Enrollment Book

2023 SEHP Direct-Bill/Retiree Enrollment Book

Senior Health Insurance Counseling for Kansas (SHICK) is a non-profit group that can help you navigate the Medicare enrollment process as well as compare private Medicare plans against those offered through the State Employee Health Plan to help you find options that will suit your needs.  You can schedule an appointment with a SHICK counselor by calling (800) 860-5260.

SHICK Program Brochure

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Retirement Benefits

KPERS retirement plan participants should submit their retirement application 2 months before their retirement date.  Your KPERS retirement date is the 1st of the month following your last day of employment and benefits are received on the last business day of that month and each month following.  


KBOR retirement plan participants should work with their plan representative to determine how they want to structure their retirement fund withdrawals.



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Retirement Perks

  • Retirees age 60+ can audit classes for free (lab/material fees still apply)
  • Retirees can visit the Shocker Card Center to obtain a Retiree card which will give them continued access to Ablah Library and the Heskett Center (free membership)
  • Emeritus status is an honorary designation conferred upon retirees in recognition of their contributions and accomplishments over their years of service to the University. To be eligible for emeritus status, the employee must be at least 55 years of age and have a minimum of ten (10) continuous years of distinguished service.  For more information please visit Policy 3.27 / Emeritus Status and consult with your department.
  • For a WSU affiliated email address after retirement, contact the Help Desk at 316-978-4357.  As per WSU policy, ITS will not be able to transfer saved emails from to mail accounts.
  • Parking permit ends on last day of employment.  If continued parking on campus is needed, visitor parking rules/rates apply.  Contact Parking at 316-978-4775.

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Retirement Pre-Planning Seminar

WSU holds an annual Retirement Pre-Planning Seminar in March designed for employees who are within 3-5 years of retirement.  Employees who are nearing retirement eligibility receive direct invitations to this event.  For more information visit the Retirement Pre-Planning Seminar Page.  

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Retirement Counseling Appointments

A member of the HR Total Rewards team is available to schedule a retirement counseling appointment with employees within 3-6 months of their anticipated retirement date.  Please email to request an appointment - please include your myWSU ID and anticipated retirement date in your email.

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Resources and Contacts

Benefit Information for Separating WSU Employees

2023 SEHP COBRA Enrollment Book

2023 SEHP Direct-Bill/Retiree Enrollment Book

SEHP Direct Bill Membership Call Center:  (866) 541-7100

SHICK Program Brochure

Senior Health Insurance Counseling for Kansas (SHICK):  (800) 860-5260 

The Standard Life Insurance Portability Application

The Standard Life Insurance Conversion Application

Advance Life Insurance Conversion Application

Social Security Administration

Social Security Administration Office Locator


Medicare & You 2023 Guide

KPERS Retirement Application (KPERS 1 & 2)

KPERS Retirement Application (KPERS 3)


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