3.27 / Emeritus Status

  1. Purpose

    The purpose of this policy is to set forth Wichita State University (“University”) guidelines with regards to awarding emeritus status.

  2. Policy

    Emeritus status is an honorary designation conferred upon retirees in recognition of their contributions and accomplishments over their years of service to the University. To be eligible for emeritus status, the employee must be at least 55 years of age and have a minimum of ten (10) continuous years of distinguished service.

  3. Definitions

    • Reporting Relationship: A relationship, direct or indirect, in which one Employee reports to, has influence or decision-making authority over, or has the perception of influence or decision-making authority over, another Employee. This relationship may include, but is not limited to, influence or decision-making authority (perceived or otherwise) of salary decisions, performance management, employment, evaluating, or otherwise assessing employment performance.
    • Senior Leader: For purposes of this policy, Senior Leader includes individuals at the University who have Employees reporting to them, are in a position at the Director/Department Chair level and above, and are in the chain of command of the Employee.
  4. Procedure

    1. Emeritus status recognizes meritorious service to the University by a retiring faculty member and other administrators. Factors to be considered in the evaluation and determination of meritorious service are contributions in the areas of teaching, scholarly activity, service or leadership. Exceptions to these criteria may be authorized and approved by the President.
    2. Written recommendations for the designation of emeritus status can be initiated by the employee’s department or a Senior Leader and provided to the respective employee’s Vice President. Upon review from the Senior Leader(s) within the employee’s Reporting Relationship and concurrence by the appropriate Vice President, recommendations are forwarded to the President for final review and determination.
    3. There is no salary or emolument associated with the designation of emeritus status.