Purchase Requisition Hub

This toolbox contains several guides and resources for use when creating Purchase Requisitions in Banner.

Why do a Purchase Requisition?

Besides 'to buy something' there are other reasons to do a requisition:

  • Purchase Orders (PO):  When a Vendor requests a Purchase Orders (PO), start with a Requisition.
  • To Encumber Funds:  As soon as the Requisition is approved, the funds are obligated and will show up as committments in your Budget.
  • For Later Reference:  Requisitions are stored in Banner so past purchases can be viewed.

What do I need before I start?

The following are key features needed before creating a requisition:

  • Locate and verify funding is available prior to purchase.  Review Finance reports in Reporting Services (suggested reports listed below), HEERF, and Foundation.
  • Select a Vendor.  A listing of State Vendors can be found on the Purchasing Website:  Purchasing Supplier Contract Awards.
  • Obtain a Quote:  Quote Example
  • Verify shipping Address
  • If needed, obtain additional reviews or approvals from external departments

Training Guides & Resources

Click on a topic below for more information:

Banner Finance Queries

Guides for how to use the following Banner Finance Query forms:

  • FOIDOCH:  Document History
  • FWABROF:  Organizational Budget/Review Officer
  • FIGIBAVL:  Budget Availability Status
  • FTIIDEN:  Entity Name/ID Search
  • FPIRQST:  Requisition Validation
  • FPIREQN:  Requisition Query
  • Open Requisitions & Purchase Orders by FOAPAL:  FPIORQF & FPIOPOF
  • Approval Information
Banner Finance Queries
Creating a Requisition Quick Guide

A quick guide on how to create a new Requisition using FPAREQN.

Creating a Requisition Quick Guide

For an in-depth guide regarding the FPAREQN page please review Purchase Requisitions (full guide) listed below.

Locate Incomplete (not approved) Requisitions

It is the responsibility of the requisition requestor to periodically review incomplete requisitions and complete or delete them.  

There are two queries the requisition requestor (creator) can use to identify incomplete requisitions.

  • FPIRQST:  Requisition Validation - accessed through FPAREQN or FPIREQN
  • FPIORQF:  Open Requisition by FOAPAL Query
Locate Incomplete Requisition Guide
Delete a Requisition

Guide for how to delete a Purchase Requisition from Banner.

Delete a Requisition Guide
Ship To Information

The Ship To information identifies the location of delivery for the item on the purchase requisition.  View guide listed below for information on how to update or add a Ship To code.

Ship To Information


Document & Item Text: FOAPOXT

Document and Item Text (FOAPOXT) is used to share additional information about the requisition and commodities. 

Document & Item Text (FOAPOXT) Guide
New Vendor Request

Who to contact and information needed to request a new vendor.

New Vendor Request Guide

Finance Self Service: Requisition Information

Purchase Requisitions and Purchase Orders can be viewed through Finance Self Service: View Document.

View Document: Finance Self Service Guide
Requisition Approval/Disapproval

Purchase Requisitions can be Approved, Disapproved, and Viewed using Finance Self Service: Approve Documents.

Requisition Approval/Disapproval Finance Self Service Guide
What happens after you complete the Requisition?

Once Requisition is completed the following steps will occur:

  • After Completing the Requisition:
    • The Requestor will send the quote and all associated materials to the Purchasing office at purchasing.office@wichita.edu.
      • List the Requisition number in the subject line of the email
      • In addition to the quote, attach any additional documentation in relation to the purchase, for example Sole Source information.
    • Completed Requisition will route to the Budget Officer for Approval.
    • Approved Requisition will route to the Purchasing Office where a Purchase Order (PO) will be created.
      • The Purchasing Office will send the PO to the vendor for purchase and a Receiving Report is sent to the Requestor for validation once the commodity is received.
    • Once the Commodity is received:
      • Receiving Report is checked by the Requestor to verify that all commodities have been received and signed by the Budget Officer for approval for payment
      • Once signed, Receiving Report and Invoice from the Vendor are sent to Accounts Payable for payment
Purchase Requisitions (full guide)

This resource includes detailed explanation on how to create Requisitions in Banner and of the FPAREQN Banner Page

Purchase Requisitions - Full Guide

Reporting Services

The following report can be found in Reporting Services in the Finance Reports – Organization folder:

  • FCD00105 – Organization Financial Report for RU Funds
  • FCD00105 – Organization Financial Report for GU Funds
  • FCM00100 OOE Available Balance – Verify available balance
  • FCM000120 Organizational Budget Review Officer Report (FWABROF) > Contact information & funds associated with finance organization code
  • FCM00300 Vendor Addresses

Contact Information

Finance Information & Support: