Banner Student

Banner is WSU’s administrative software database. It houses financial, vendor, employee, alumni, student information and more.

  • Web Based – can use any internet browser
  • Preferred Browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Safari
  • Using VPN is required when accessing Banner off campus
  • Using DUO authentication is required to login to Banner

Student Advising

Student Advisor Profile Guide

The Student Advisor Profile is a tool used by approved staff, Academic and Faculty Advisors containing student profile and academic information. Users can view various student records including biographical, major, test score, grades, current enrollment and prior college information.

Users must submit a request to the Registrars Office for approval before receiving access.


Data Standards - General Person

Data Standards - General Person

These procedures for staff who have maintenance access in Banner to any AIDEN form or GOAMTCH can be found on the WSU Office of Planning & Analysis website under Data Governance and Standards.


WSU Reporting

WSU Reporting Guide

Student Reports are accessed through WSU Reporting. Chrome is the preferred browser for WSU Reporting. Depending on access you may or may not be able to access the following student reports.

A request for access must be submitted and approved by the Registrars office for access.


Student Report Folders

  • Academic Advisors
  • Registrar- Faculty (only those that are listed as faculty)
  • Registrar- Lists
  • Registrar- Registration
  • Registrar - Student Reports

Getting Started in Banner Student

In order to access the following pages, you must log in to Banner 9 at using your myWSU ID and password.

GOAEMAL- Email Address Summary

The E-mail address summary (GOAEMAL) form displays email addresses on file for a student.  Both active and inactive addresses display on this form.

GOAMTCH- Common Matching

Common Matching (GOAMTCH) is a person search/match process in Banner that helps prevent the creation of duplicate or incorrectly merged person records.

GUASYST- System Identification

On the system identification page GUASYST users are able to view how a person or non person is identifed in Banner.

SAAADMS- Admissions Applications

The Admissions Application (SAAADMS) form contains information such as the application including semester of entry, application decision, student and admission type and more. 

SFAREGQ- Registration Query

 The Registration Query (SFAREGQ) page displays a student’s schedule for a given term.

SFASTCA- Student Course Registration

The Student Course Registration Audit (SFASTCA) form is used to view the registration trail for a student. This inlcudes classes a student successfully registers in, classes a student attempted to register in, registration error messages, midterm and final grades, etc.


SFASRPO- Permissions & Overrides

The Permissions and Overrides (SFASRPO) form is used to apply permit-override codes to a student for a specific term.

SGAADVR- Multiple Advisors

SGAADVR multiple advisors page allows a student to be associated with an unlimited number of advisors for an effective term range. It also allows the user to view a student's existing advisors for an effective term range.


SGASTDN- General Student

The General student (SGASTDN) page will display the student’s General Learner record including:  Curricula Summary, Field of Study Summary, Activities, and Veteran’s information.

SHARQTC-  Blockout/Transcripts Printing

The (SHARQTC) is used to print individual Blockout/Transcripts in Banner.

SOADDRQ- Address Summary

The Address Summary (SOADDRQ) page displays addresses on file for a student.

SOAHOLD- Hold Information

The Hold Information (SOAHOLD) page is used to assign and release holds on a student. 

SOAHSCH- Prior High School

The (SOAHSCH)  prior high school form allows you to verify a student’s past High School Transcript information and ensure that official transcripts have been received.

SOAPCOL- Prior College

The (SOAPCOL) prior college form displays information about a student's academic record from previous colleges, including field of study, degree received, GPA, transfer credits earned,transcript information and more.

SOAAPPT- Person Appointments/Contacts

The (SOAAPPT) form is used primarily by Admissions and Advising to maintain records of outreach attempts, scheduled appointments, and the results of student outreach attempts and scheduled appointments.

SOATEST- Test Score Information

The Test Score (SOATEST) form is used to view and maintain test score (ACT, SAT etc..) information.

SPAAPIN- Alternate PINs

The colleges that require a student PIN in Banner prior to registration use the Alternate PIN (SPAAPIN) page.

SPACMNT- Person Comment

The Person Comment (SPACMNT) form is used by offices on campus to log notes about a selected student.

SPAIDEN- General Person Identification

The General Person Identification page SPAIDEN is used to capture name, biographic and demographic information for all personss associated with Wichita State University. 

SPATELE-  General Person Telephone

The Telephone (SPATELE) form displays all telephone numbers on file for a student.

SWIGSTU- WSU General Student Information

The WSU General Student Information Form (SWIGSTU) may be used to view various pieces of information on a student in one convenient form.