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The mission of ITS Applications Training is to enhance staff and faculty knowledge and skills through the utilization of university supported software applications with high-quality, accessible training opportunities. 

Our goal is to empower university employees in their roles, develop innovative approaches to their responsibilities, and grow a culture of learning and collaboration across the WSU campus.


Contact Information:

Phone:  (316) 978-5800

Meet Our Staff

Image of Amy  Amy Belden, ITS Applications Training Manager
(316) 978-3960  |
124A Jabara Hall

Image of Ali Levine  Ali Levine, ITS Applications Training Lead
(316) 978-3901  |
122B Jabara Hall

Image of Corby Redington  Corby Redington, ITS Applications Training Specialist
(316) 978-3083  |
122A Jabara Hall


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