Finance Training

Depending on position responsiblities, finance access and training may be required.  Below is a listing of possible finance training opportunities.

Finance Access

Access to financial information is restricted to authorized budget review officers, budget officers, and support personnel.  If an individual requires access to specific financial organizations, the appropriate budget officer is asked to send the following information to

  • Name
  • myWSU ID
  • The Finance Organzation Codes needed

Once Finance access is granted, the employee will be able to view financial information in Reporting Services and Finance Self Service.  Finance Banner Self Services and Reporting Services Training is not required but strongly recommended.

Finance Basics and Reporting Services/Self Service Training

This hands-on training session is designed to guide budget officers, reveiw officers, Principle Investigators (PIs), and support personnel through the various finance forms and reports in Self Service Finance Budget Queries and Microsoft Reporting Services.

Sessions are offered every five to six weeks and are posted in myTraining.

Purchase Requisition Access & Training

Requisitions are used to purchase commodities and are entered into Banner using the Banner Requisitions (FPAREQN) page.

A requisition is a written request to purchase something. The requisition form initiates the procurement process by defining an internal request to acquire goods or services and identifies the requestor, vendor, commodity, and accounting information.  Vendors are created in the Financial Operations office.

If responsibilities include entering Purchase Requisitions into Banner, training is required prior to access being granted.  Email to request access.

Purchase Requisition Training is offered two to three times a year and is posted in myTraining.

WSU Finance 101

Understanding finance at WSU can be a challenge for budget officers and support staff. This presentation includes information on GU (General Use) and RU (Restricted Use) funding, how to stay on top of departmental finances, processing revenue, expenses, BPC cards, travel and more.

This presentation is offered once or twice a year and is posted in myTraining.

Chrome River: PCard, Travel, and Invoice

Chrome River is a finance software that WSU utilizes for procurement card reconciliation, travel expenses, and invoice payment. 

There are currently several Chrome River training resources available on the Wichita State Chrome River website located at    Training PowerPoints and videos as well as Quick Reference Guides can be found here.   

Access to Chrome River is automatic to all WSU employees.  There are no additional steps that need to be taken to give someone access once they begin work and training is not required.