Use the buttons below to access CAT and CIM and the User Guides for step-by-step instructions on how to create, edit and approve various types of proposals.  Visit myTraining for remote training sessions offered in the fall and spring.

CAT (Catalog) User Guides

Approving Catalog Pages Quick Guide


CIM (Curriculum) User Guides

Quick Start Guide

Approving CIM Proposals

Finding a Course Proposal in Workflow

Bundling Proposals (coming soon!)

When to Bundle Proposals

How to Create a Bundle of Proposals 

How to Approve Bundled Proposals 

Courses - Standalone

IMPORTANT:  Standalone courses are those that are not involved in a cross-list pair or group of courses.

Creating a New Course

Creating a New Course and a New Cross-listed Course

Creating a New Special Topics Lettered Course

Creating a Permanent Course From an Experimental Course

Editing a Course

Inactivating a Course or a Cross-listed Pair/Group of Courses

Reactivating an Inactive Course

Courses - Cross-listed

IMPORTANT:  Primary vs. Secondary Cross-listed Courses
Each cross-list pair or group has one primary course and one or more secondary courses. Normally, the primary course is the course within the department teaching the course. Cross-listed courses are maintained on one CIM form. Changes made on the one proposal form affect all of the cross-listed courses in the pair or group. On the Course Inventory Management search screen, if you search for any course within the cross-list pair or group, select it, and scroll down the primary course information will show. The ‘Also listed as’ area will list the secondary course(s).

Creating a New Cross-listed Course from an Existing Course

Cross-listing Scenarios - Summarized Steps

Editing a Cross-listed Pair/Group of Courses

Inactivating a Cross-listed Pair/Group of Courses

Inactivating the Primary Cross-listed Course

Inactivating a Secondary Cross-listed Course


Creating a New Program

Editing a Course List Table in Admissions or Requirements Area

Editing a Plan of Study Table in Admissions or Requirements Area

Editing a Program