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Approving CIM Proposals

Approving CIM Proposals

Courses - Standalone

IMPORTANT:  Standalone courses are those that are not involved in a cross-list pair or group of courses.

Creating a New Course

Creating a New Course and a New Cross-listed Course

Creating a New Special Topics Lettered Course

Creating a Permanent Course From an Experimental Course

Editing a Course

Inactivating a Course or a Cross-listed Pair/Group of Courses

Reactivating an Inactive Course

Courses - Cross-listed

IMPORTANT:  Primary vs. Secondary Cross-listed Courses
Each cross-list pair or group has one primary course and one or more secondary courses. Normally, the primary course is the course within the department teaching the course. Cross-listed courses are maintained on one CIM form. Changes made on the one proposal form affect all of the cross-listed courses in the pair or group. On the Course Inventory Management search screen, if you search for any course within the cross-list pair or group, select it, and scroll down the primary course information will show. The ‘Also listed as’ area will list the secondary course(s).

Creating a New Cross-listed Course from an Existing Course

Cross-listing Scenarios - Summarized Steps

Editing a Cross-listed Pair/Group of Courses

Inactivating a Cross-listed Pair/Group of Courses

Inactivating the Primary Cross-listed Course

Inactivating a Secondary Cross-listed Course


Creating a New Program

Editing a Course List Table in Admissions or Requirements Area

Editing a Plan of Study Table in Admissions or Requirements Area

Editing a Program


Finding a Course Proposal in Workflow