Trainings Opportunities

Listed below are possible training opportunities depending on the type of access or responsiblities.

Student Information

The Registrar's Office approves all access requests for student Information, including Banner Student Records, Schedule Building, Advisor Profile & WSU Reporting. In order to request access to Student Information, the employee's supervisor must submit a Request For Access for Student Information to the Registrar's Office email below.  

Request for Access to Student Information

  • Date:
  • Employee Name:
  • Employee myWSU ID:
  • Position Title:
  • Required Banner Classes (if known):
  • Supervisor Name:
  • Reason that Employee's Position requires access:
  • Had someone had this access in the past? If so, please include their name and myWSU ID:
  • When is the employee available for training? Include 3 days and times over the next few weeks:
  • Additional Notes:

Please Note:

  • All Student Information requests are created and can be tracked through TeamDynamix.
  • Training cannot be scheduled prior to the approval and set up of the request.
  • Allow sufficent time for your request to be reviewed and approved by the Registrar's Office.
  • The Student Information trainer will reach out directly to the employee and/or supervisor to schedule training (if needed), only after their request has been approved by the Registrars Office and set up for training by Information Security.
  • After training has been completed, please allow 24 to 48 hours for all Production (PROD) access to be set up.  
Schedule Building

Schedule Building training is offered twice a year usually in July & December.

For access and to register for Schedule Building training please submit a Request for access to Student Information located in the Student Information section.

You can also view more information regarding Schedule Building on our website located at 

Courseleaf CIM/ CAT

Any faculty, staff and administrators involved in the curriculm change process, submitting and approving curriculm change forms, etc are encouraged to attend training.


This training is offered periodically, please visit myTraining to register for upcoming dates.


Helpful information regarding finance at WSU can be found at

Finance Hub

Finance Access –In order to have the necessary finance access, the Budget Officer will need to email the following information:

    • Employee name,
    • myWSU ID, and
    • the finance organization codes needed.

As soon as finance access is granted, the employee will be able to access finance reports. Training is not required but is strongly recommended.  

Finance Basics & Reporting Services/ Self Services training are offered every 5 – 6 weeks and are posted in myTraining, available for registration.  At this time trainings are offered remotely. 

Purchase Requisition

If employee responsibilities will include entering purchase requisitions into Banner, training is required prior to being granted access.

Training sessions are offered every 5 – 6 weeks and posted in myTraining, available for registration.

Finance Basics and Reporting Services/Self Service training is required prior to attending Purchase Requisition training.  Finance training sessions are posted in myTraining

Please visit the Purchase Requisitions Training Hub for more information regarding Purchase Requisitions

Purchase Requisitions Hub

Chrome River

Chrome River is a finance software that WSU utilizes for procurement card reconciliation, travel expenses, and invoice payment.    

If you have any involvement with travel authorizations, travel reimbursements, or Pcards (including but not limited to travelers, approvers, delegates, reconcilers, etc.), Chrome River training may be what you are looking for.

There are currently several Chrome River training resources available on the Wichita State Chrome River website located at

WSU Chrome River Website.    

Training PowerPoints and videos as well as Quick Reference Guides can be found here.    

Chrome River training sessions are posted in myTraining.  Training is not required for access but is encouraged.

  • For Procurement Card and travel Reconciliation – Sessions are scheduled for the 1st Wednesday of the month
  • For Invoice submissions – sessions are scheduled for the 2nd Wednesday of the month
Hiring ePaf & People Admin

Electronic Personnel Action Forms (ePAFs) allow departments to submit online employment position requests using Banner Self Service for non-Benefits eligible employees. 

ePAF Training:  

  • Originator (person who creates the ePAF) training is offered on the 2nd Thursday of the month and is posted in myTraining, available for registration. 
  • Approval (person who approves the ePAF) Training is offered remotely on an as needed basis. 

To Request Access:  Budget Officer will need to submit the following information in an email to and

  1. Employee Name & myWSU ID
  2. Employee ePAF Role Information:  either Approver or Originator
    • For Approver (approves ePAFs)
      • Approval Level(s), for example:
        • Business Manager (Level 3), Department Supervisor (Level 10 or 11), or Chair/Budget Officer (Level 15)
      • Is Proxy (Backup) Approver access is requested
      • Listing of all needed organization codes (10XXXX, 70XXXX)
    • For Originator (creates ePAFs)
      • Select the type of ePAF access needed, for example:
        • Student,  Graduate Assistant,  Lecturer / Temporary (U3/U4), Additional Compensation, Termination, Campus Box Address/Phone Changes
      • Listing of all needed organization codes (10XXXX, 70XXXX)

Please visit the ePAF Training Hub for more information about ePAFs:

 ePAF Training Hub

PeopleAdmin training is posted in myTraining and conducted by Human Resources.

Web Time Entry and Approval

Web Time Entry and Approvals training is available for any employee.

It is geared towards new employees as well as being required for supervisors who will be approving an employee’s timesheet.  

Sessions are offered remotely and posted in myTraining listed every other Wednesday. 

Please visit the WSU Time Entry page for more information.

Time Entry & Approvals Guides

Microsoft Office

Hands on training sessions available for faculty and staff on Microsoft Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote, and OneDrive. Visit our Microsoft Office page for more information.

Microsoft Office Training Hub

WSU Web Page Maintenance

Media Resource Center (MRC) is responsible for administering the WSU Website.  You can find information regarding trainings on their website located here: 

MRC - Web Services Website

Business Procurement Card (PCard)

Accounts Payable is responsible for administering the Business Procurement Card Program in accordance with WSU and State of Kansas policies.  

  • How do I get a Business Procurement Card?  Complete the Application and send to
  • How do I reconcile Pcard purchase? Chrome River is used to reconcile all Procurement card purchases.  See for Chrome River resources.

For all other procurement card questions and resources visit the Business Procurement Card website.

Business Procurement Card Website

Pcard training is an online session and can be found in myTraining

WSU Reporting

WSU Reporting is the platform that houses Student, HR/Payroll, ePAF, Finance, and custom reports. Trainings for processes that require the use of WSU Reporting, such as Schedule Building or ePAF, will include the relevant instruction on accessing and running reports.

Additionally, WSU Reporting Demo sessions are offered remotely in Microsoft Teams. Register for a WSU Reporting Demo in myTraining.

Please visit the WSU Reporting Hub for more information.

WSU Reporting Hub

Your Position

Recommended Training

Advisors Banner Student Records, Advisor Profile, WSU Reporting, Time Entry, Microsoft Office
Administrative Personnel Banner Student Records, Schedule Building, Time Entry, Finance, ePaf, Chrome River, People Admin, Purchasing, Microsoft Office
Budget Officers Finance, TM1 Budget, Chrome River, ePaf Approver, Microsoft Office
Department Chairs Banner Student Records, Advisor Profile, WSU Reporting, Time Entry, Chrome River, People Admin, ePaf Approver, Finance, Microsoft Office
Faculty Leave Reporting, Chrome River, Microsoft Office
Student Employee Banner Navigation, Banner Student Records, Time Entry
Physical Plant/Support Staff Varies