Business Procurement Card (BPC) Program

Accounts Payable is responsible for administering the Business Procurement Card Program in accordance with WSU and State of Kansas policies.



The following resources have been assembled to assist end users with the Business Procurement Card Program. Additional information can be viewed by clicking on the plus sign in each section.

BPC (Pcard) Program Guidelines
Requesting A Card

Employees must fill out an application and submit via email to

BPC training is required before the card can be issued. Training topics will include rules, cardholder responsibilities and program requirements. Trainings are currently being offered in a different format due to Remote Working. For more information contact for training options.

Various BPC Program Details
UMB Website Access

UMB Website: 

Access to the site will allow you to view transactions and other card details.

Instructions to set up your UMB account:

Additional Purchasing Guidelines

WSU purchasing guidelines can be found at this link.

FAQ's related to the BPC Card
Before Using Your Card
  • Call the Number on your card and activate your card for use: 1-800-292-2100
  • Register your account online at This is where you will go to access your Pcard statements.
WSU Contact Information
Important Information Regarding card usage

You have a transaction limit and monthly limit that was determined on your application. If you have any questions related to the use of the card please email This includes Card limit increases, declines, authorizations, card ordering, card cancellations and General Pcard usage questions.

  • Monthly limit increases: require Budget Officer Approval. Please include this approval when emailing the Pcard Admin at
  • Transaction limit increases: do not need Budget Officer Approval. Please include the ship date and information on what you are purchasing when you email the Pcard Admin at
What do I do if there is a Fraudulent Charge on my card?

To report Fraudulent charges please call UMB at 1-888-494-5141. UMB will cancel your card and issue a new one. This card will be mailed to the Pcard Admin. Please email to let us know that you have reported fraud.

I've made charges on my Pcard now what do I do?

If you have any questions related to training on Chrome River Expense or help reconciling your charges please email

Where can I find a WSU Tax Exemption Certificate?

If you are making purchasing within the State of Kansas there should not be any sales tax applied. Provide the Vendor with this Tax Exemption Certificate before the purchase has been completed.

BPC (Pcard) Reconciliation - Including job aids

The following guides will assist you in completing the Pcard Reconciliation (Non-Travel) Expense Report within Chrome River for each transaction shown on the monthly UMB Statement.

Chrome River Login

Chrome River Website

Pcard Reconciliation (Non-Travel) Expense Report

Pcard Expense Report Quick Reference Guide

Receipts - Including job aids, receipt requirements

Receipts can be uploaded into Chrome River in various ways. The documents below will assist you in attaching them.

Original receipts must have the following information:

  • business name
  • date of purchase
  • itemization of items purchased and their associated amounts
  • total amount of purchase
  • payment method
  • shipping and handling (if applicable)
  • tip/gratuity (if applicable)
  • If any receipt cannot be read, it will potentially be deemed an unallowable expense and the cardholder will have to reimburse the university.

The Certified Statement for Receipts form is required when:

  • a receipt is lost and a duplicate from the vendor is not available
  • the receipt is illegible
  • an itemized original receipt is not available from the vendor

Preparing the receipts for submission:

  • Ensure receipts are facing the same direction when scanning.
  • Do not write on the front or back of the receipts.
  • If you highlight any of the information on the receipt it will be difficult to read.
Account Codes - For Pcard Report

Use the account code tool (excel) to locate the appropriate account code for the good or service purchased. Within each classification is a detailed description used to code purchases accurately.