Frequently Asked Questions

Listed below are some of the most common Accounts Payable related questions.

Accounts Payable
Where is the ICD I sent for processing?

ICD's route to The Office of Purchasing for review and then to Accounts Payable for review and processing.  When research funds are used the ICD's will also be reviewed by ORTT.  Contact Accounts Payable at for more information regarding the status of the ICD.

What account code should I use?

The account code guide is a resource to use for selecting the correct code.  If you need further assistant contact Account Payable at

How do I get a check cancelled or re-issued?

Accounts Payable will cancel or reissue a lost check upon request from the department.  To request a check to be cancelled email Include the action to be taken (cancel or re-issue), the Banner invoice number and the reason for the request.

What does NSF mean?

NSF stands for non-sufficient funds; this means you do not have enough budget to pay the invoice. 

Possible Actions needed for Resolution

  • A Budget Adjustment to increase OOE
  • An email sent to to use different funding
  • Cash Transfer and a Budget Adjustment to add more OOE
My Fund and Org have plenty of Cash, why are you telling me the ICD cannot be processed because of NSF?

In order to process payments the fund and org must have available budget to spend.

What is the payment status of the invoice I sent to Accounts Payable?

If you have access to Reporting Services first look at the report Vendor Payment Status by Period.  If the payment is not listed contact Accounts Payable at

What is the number to Sunflower Travel?

316-733-2753 Laurie O'Leary

Do I need an airline quote before my trip?

Possibly, go to the Price Quote Comparison to see when an airline quote is required.

Do I have to remove Continental Breakfast if it is provided?

Possibly, if meat is provided at the breakfast you must remove the meal from your reimbursement.

If a meal is provided but I choose to not eat it, can I be reimbursed for the meal?

All meals provided at no cost to the traveler must be excluded from the per diem calculation.

The conference is offering discount tickets to Niagara Falls, can I be reimbursed for this?
No, this is considered a personal expense and will not be reimbursed.
When is a Travel Authiorization (TA) required?

A TA is required when:

  • using Sunflower Travel
  • traveling out of state beyond 200 miles of the Kansas border
  • traveling internationally
  • traveling out of state and requesting reimbusrement by WSU Foundation Funds
What is the current mileage rate for personal vehicles?

The current rate for fiscal year 2019 is $0.545.

I have missing signatures and the due date is today; do I wait to turn in my log?

No, submit the log on time and send an updated log sheet when signatures are obtained; email the updated log to

I am missing receipts what can I do now?
After you have exhausted all attempts to obtain a duplicate receipt, fill out the Certified Statement for Receipts and submit it with the log.
If there is sales tax charged on the BPC for purchases made in the State of Kansas do I have to request a refund?

Possibly, in general Kansas Sales Tax should not be charged to the BPC. You must supply each vendor with the tax exempt form.

When Kansas Sales tax is inadvertently paid, and the amount of tax is LESS THAN $5.00 the individual is not required to obtain a credit for the tax paid.

Can I purchase gift cards on my BPC?

Please contact the BPC Administrator for further clarification on gift cards.

Chrome River
Coming Soon!

Chrome River is live on July 29th!  Check back for answers to your questions after the system is live.

What is Chrome River?

Chrome River is WSU's new software that will replace the Travel software TEM, and replace the eForm-Log process for Pcards.

Rental Vehicle
What is the account number for the rental agency?

If you choose to book your own rental vehicle, you must reference the following numbers to receive contracted rate and benefits.  All rentals booked through Sunflower Travel will automatically link to the WSU account.


  • XZ51WSU – Use when renting a Compact, Intermediate, Full Size, Compact SUV, Midsize SUV, Large SUV, Minivan, Hybrid Midsize vehicle.
  • XZ51WSC – Use when renting a Pickup Truck, Cargo Van, or 12/15 Passenger Van.


  • 1978737
Do I need to accept CDW/LDW insurance for an economy vehicle at the rental agency counter?

If using a WSU BPC card or Sunflower Travel do not accept the insurance.  If using personal funds do accept the insurance.

Do I accept CDW/LDW insurance if I rent a full sized passenger van (12-15), pickup truck or cargo van through Enterprise or Hertz?

If renting under the State of Kansas Contract, the CDW/LDW insurance is included in the daily rate.  If you do not rent under the State of Kansas Contract, you may need to purchase this insurance coverage separately.  For additional clarification, contact the BPC Administrator.

If I rent a full passenger van, pick truck or cargo van through a non-contracted vendor?

Do accept the insurance; it is not built into the daily rate. If you are using personal funds to pay for the rental vehicle; accept the CDW/LDW insurance.

If I rent vehicle internationally, do I accept the insurance?
Yes, accept all insurance when traveling internationally since they have different policies.
Do I need to accept PAI/PEI insurance at the rental agency counter?

This is not a reimbursable expense based on State of Kansas Policy, however, if the traveler chooses to purchase this expense they may do so.

If an accident occurs, what should I do?
Follow procedures outlined on the Accident Procedures document on travel website.
Do we have a discount code for personal use?
Yes, the code for Enterprise is WSU5161 and Hertz is 65736.
How can I tell if a Vendor has been set up in Banner?

Search for the vendor using the Vendor Addresses (Linked) report in Reporting Services.  If the vendor does not display contact Accounts Payable at

Who should submit a W-9 to Accounts Payable?

All non-employee individuals and entities (businesses, corporations, organizations).  Employees DO NOT need to submit a W-9.

Who should submit a DA-130 form?

All non-employee individuals and entities (businesses, corporations, organizations) that would like to receive their payment via ACH.

Employees no long fill out the DA-130 to provide banking information.  Employees now log onto myWSU and click the Direct Deposit Information link located in the Employee Self-Service section.  Once on the Direct Deposit Allocation page, the employee will enter banking information in the section titled WSU Employee Travel/Reimbursement Direct Deposit Distribution.

Students no long fill out the DA-130 to provide banking information.  Students now log onto myWSU and go to the myFinances page then click the Direct Deposit Information link located in the Employee Self-Service section.  Once on the Direct Deposit Allocation page, the student will enter banking information in the section titled WSU Employee Travel/Reimbursement Direct Deposit Distribution.

Why can I not find the vendor when I have paid them before?

Many businesses have a dba (doing business as) name and then a W-9 name.  Be sure you are using the keyword feature when searching. 

Example: The Lunchbox dba Roxie's in Riverside - a keyword search on roxie's or lunchbox will return this vendor when using Reporting Services report Vendor Addresses.

If you are still unable to locate them, please contact Accounts Payable at