Welcome to Chrome River 

WSU’s Travel, Pcard and Invoice Software Solution

This software replaced the Pcard Log and eForm monthly process along with TEM and Banner Workflow for electronic approvals along with Direct Payments using the ICD form.


Video, PowerPoint and Training Information

YouTube Videos

This YouTube video will walk you through creating a Pre-Approval Report for an Employee.

Pre-Approval Report for an Employee

This YouTube video will walk you through creating an Expense Report for an Employee.

Expense Report for an Employee


The following PowerPoints will assist you in navigating the new system.


Sign up for Chrome River Open Lab trainings in myTraining.  To access myTraining, log in to your myWSU and click the icon in the lower left.  For questions, contact myTraining@wichita.edu.

Testing scenarios for a Pre-Approval Report, Travel Expense Report, Pcard Expense Report, Invoice Payment.  Example of a Completed Invoice

Quick Reference Guides

The quick reference guides are designed to give a brief explanation on each topic with reference pictures to aid you in completing the report in Chrome River.  For detailed information refer to the Chrome River manual in the section above.

Support - Contact Us

The contact us listed below will send an email to the specific department to help you in completing any task or answer any questions you have while in the new Chrome River system.

Contact Email Address
Accounts Payable Support accountspayable@wichita.edu
Pcard Non-Travel Support accountspayable@wichita.edu
Travel Support wsutraveloffice@wichita.edu
Pcard Travel Support wsutraveloffice@wichita.edu
Vendor Maintenance Support accountspayable@wichita.edu

The frequently asked questions in this section are specific to Chrome River,  if you have specific questions not answered here please go to the In This Section at the top of the page and go to the FAQ web page.

General Chrome River Questions

Q:  What is Chrome River and when will it be available?
A:  Chrome River is the online Travel Pre-Approval (formally Travel Authorization), Travel Expense Report (formally Travel Reimbursement), Procurement Card Reconciliation, and Invoice system for WSU. Chrome River Expense will be available to all employees July 29, 2019. The implementation of Chrome River Invoice is coming soon!

Q:  How do I access the System?
A:  The link will be provided in myWSU. Chrome River is a web-based system and does not require the VPN. Use your myWSU credentials to log in. You can also access Chrome River from your mobile device using web access (there is no app).  The recommended internet browser for Chrome River is Google Chrome.

Q:  Can I access Chrome River on my mobile device?
A:  Chrome River is web-based software and does not require an app.  More information will be provided on how to access Chrome River after the system is live on July 29, 2019.

Q:  Do I need to have my WSU email account on my cell phone to use the Chrome River SNAP app?
A:  No, the Chrome River SNAP app will ask you to input an email address and you will have to list the wichita.edu address.

Q: I am trying to approve my report through the email and I am asked to Add an Account to Mail, how do I get past this message?
A: Window 10 has the default app for mail and it is pointing to the incorrect program.  To correct this you can use this document to change the settings.
Email Issue

Q:  How do I learn how to use Chrome River?
A:  Chrome River is very user-friendly.  Visit the reference section on the Chrome River webpage to view quick reference guides, step-by-step job aids, demonstration PowerPoint, and the Chrome River manual.  In addition, Chrome River has a robust help section that can be accessed from within the software.  To schedule a training session in your department, please contact Kristie Courtney 978-5988 or Sonya Emmart 978-5886.

Q:  What are the benefits of using Chrome River?
A:  There are many benefits to utilizing Chrome River, that include but are not limited to; the system is intuitive and user-friendly; automated approvals (that allow for tracking); built in edit checks that help verify compliance before submission; eliminates paper waste by managing receipts within the system and speeds up the reimbursement process.

Q:  What Benefits will the Traveler Experience?
A:  Chrome River is a fast, fluid mobile web application that offers the latest in travel and expense management. Travelers will enjoy the same user experience across all devices – desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones. The business rules engine in the application will assist travelers in complying with State of Kansas and WSU policies more efficiently by applying those policies as the Expense Report is created. This prevents downstream delays in processing reimbursements by eliminating much of the back and forth that currently happens as reports are audited. The application provides multiple options for attaching receipts to transactions, which will greatly increase efficiency and decrease processing time for reimbursements. Just imagine completing your Expense Report from your smartphone with snapshots of receipts while you wait in the airport for your flight home!

Q:  Will all travelers/cardholders enter their own documents (Pre-Approval, Expense Report, Pcard Reconciliation Reports) themselves or does Chrome River allow for delegates?
Departments can chose whether travelers/cardholders (expense owners) enter their own transactions or whether a delegate enters transactions on their behalf.

To assign a delegate, the traveler/cardholder (expense owner) will log into Chrome River, then tap their name displayed in the upper right corner of the screen.  This will open up the user menu.  Select Settings, then select Delegate Settings from the menu displayed on the left side of the screen.  In the section labeled “My Delegates” click the Add New Delegates link.  In the field that appears, begin typing the name of the person you would like to assign as your delegate.  When you have located the appropriate name, click on the name to select it.  That person’s name should now appear in the My Delegates section with an “X” directly to the left of it.  Click your name in the upper right corner to return to the user menu and select Logout to exit Chrome River.

Q:  Do I need to train my travelers on how to use Chrome River?
A:  We highly recommend attending one of the trainings offered by Accounts Payable along with reviewing the training and reference material posted on wichita.edu/cr.  There will also be multiple open lab offerings beginning July 30, 2019 where we will be offering assistance with getting started in Chrome River.

Q:  Can Students sign into Chrome River?
A:  Students cannot log into Chrome River unless they are also an employee of WSU.

Q:  How do we process student travel in Chrome River if students cannot log in?
A:  A WSU staff member will need to create a Pre-Approval or Expense Report in Chrome River for the student.  The staff member will select “Student” from the Traveler Type drop down on the header of the document, and select the appropriate record for the student in the vendor drop down.  Please see Reference Documents in the section above for detailed instructions.


Q:  What is the email address to send Expense receipts to a profile?
A:  Emailing from user’s wichita.edu account
To: receipt@ca1.chromeriver.com
Subject: Dollar amount (e.g. 125.00)
Attachments: Copy of receipt

A:  Emailing from one user to another user’s e-wallet
To: receipt@ca1.chromeriver.com
Subject: Email address (e.g. kristie.courtney@wichita.edu)
Attachments: Copy of receipt

Q:  What is the email address to send Invoice Attachments to Chrome River?
A: The system only allows the attachment to go to the person who is emailing in the receipt.
To: wichita.edu-vision@invoice.ca1.chromeriver.com
Subject: Vendor Name
Attachments: Copy of the Vendor Invoice
Body: Remove all images contained in the email signature

Q:  Do I need to have myWSU email account on my cell phone to email receipts to my Chrome River Profile?
A:  No, you can add an alternative email address to your Chrome River profile.  Once added and verified, you can email receipts from the alternative email address directly to your Chrome River profile.

Q:  How do I submit receipts from restaurants where I have included a tip?
A:  You would submit both the itemized receipt and the summary receipt (which shows the tip amount) to Chrome River.

Pre-Approval Report

Q:  How do I edit a Pre-Approval (PA) that has already been approved?
A:  Users cannot edit Pre-Approvals or Expense Reports that have already been approved. You have the ability to ‘recall’ and edit if the Pre-Approval or Expense Report has not been finalized.

Q:  If you are taking a group of students on a travel event, does each student need to have a Pre-Approval entered into the system?
A:  No, only the faculty member will have a Pre-Approval within Chrome River.  The faculty member will still fill out the Student Affairs form ‘University-Sanctioned Student Travel Registration Form’ per WSU policy 8.14 Student Travel and submit this to Student Affairs.

Travel Expense Report

Q:  How do I handle it when a candidate or student does not have a vendor id when I am ready to create an Expense Report?
A:  The system has a field on the report header to input the Student or Candidate’s information.  You will obtain the W-9 from the student when creating the Pre-Approval and send it to Accounts Payable Box 38.  You will obtain the W-9 from the Candidate after they have arrived to campus and send it to Accounts Payable Box 38 as soon as they have completed the form to allow for processing time by the State of Kansas.  This will allow Accounts Payable to have the Candidate set up and in Chrome River by the time you are ready to complete the reimbursement.

Q:  If an expense was purchased with WSU issued Pcard in advance of the business travel do I submit multiple Expense Reports?
A:  Yes, you will reconcile the Pcard transactions based on statement cycle.  If the transactions are in advance you could possibly generate 2 reports based on timing, one for the expenses in advance and one for the expenses after the trip is completed.

Pcard Expense Report
Q:  How will I be notified my Pcard Reconciliation (Non-Travel) Report is due?
A:  The Pcard statement date along with the due date will be listed on the company information page within Chrome River.  It is the cardholders responsibility to remain aware of the statement dates and due dates.  Cardholders will also receive an email and paper statement from UMB Card Services which will also serve as a reminder that the reconciliation deadline is approaching.  At this time, Financial Operations will send out the monthly email notification to alert cardholders of the Pcard Reconciliation Report due date.
Q:  If I have Pcard charges loading to my profile each day, do I have to wait until the statement closes to begin my Pcard Reconciliation?
A:  No, you can begin reconciling Pcard charges as soon as they appear in Chrome River.  Users are encouraged to start a Pcard Reconciliation (Non-Travel) Report on the first day of the new statement cycle (if you are going to utilize your card during the cycle).  Then as transactions load to Chrome River, you can reconcile individual charges and add them to that cycles Pcard Reconciliation (Non-Travel) Report.  At the end of the statement cycle when all transactions have been accounted for and reconciled, the user can submit the report.
Q:  What do I do if a Pcard transaction appears in Chrome River and I don't recognize it or isn’t the correct amount?
A:  Contact the Vendor for further information, if the charge is fraud contact the BPC Program Administrator for assistance.  Once the charge and any corresponding credits have been loaded into Chrome River they must be reconciled and submitted on an Pcard Reconciliation (Non-Travel) Report.
Coming Soon!