WSU Reporting

This software contains reports that pull information from WSU Administrative Software into easy to access and read reports.

  • Chrome is the preferred web browser for WSU Reporting, but will also work in Firefox, Edge and Safari.
  • Finance, Student, HR/Payroll and ePAF Reports are accessed through WSU Reporting.

Using VPN is required when accessing WSU Reporting off campus.

Beginning 10/5/2020, Duo Authentication will be required for WSU Reporting Access.  Select a Duo Authentication method to log in and authenticate on your default device.


How to Log In

To log into WSU Reporting, go to the page and click WSU Reporting under Reporting Tools:

How to access WSU Reporting from

Logging In

1. Using the drop down arrow, Select between Push to Duo App or Call Default Phone to authenticate to your default device.

Cognos Duo Authenticate

2. Enter your myWSU ID. Do NOT include ad\ in front of your password.

3. Enter your Password.

Cognos Credentials

4. Select the Login button.

5. Check your device to authenticate.

Login Cognos

After authentication you will be prompted to the WSU Reporting home page.

  • Please contact the Help Desk 978- HELP if you need assistance.
  • For information on how to set up or change your default DUO authentication device please visit the DUO Homepage:






WSU Reporting Home Page

1. Click on the open menu icon in the upper left of the screen, then click on Content. 

WSU Reporting Content


2.When you log in for the first time, it will automatically default you to My Content. To view all reports click on Team Content

Team Content

3. You can select Tiles View or List View as your preference. Once selected, your preference will automatically be saved within that browser.  

Tile View

4. If you select List View you have the option to change your row size. While in List View row size can be adjusted by selecting the Gear icon

List View

Your row size options are Compact, Short and Default. 

Row Size

4.The Search bar is located at the top of the screen next to the Magic Lamp. You can search for reports by name or any part of the report name and suggestions will appear. 

Search Bar


To Find a Report

To find a report:

  1. Click on Team Content
  2. Select the Folder Containing the Report

To find a report

  • Select the Report.

Select the report


To Run a Report

  1. Enter Filter Requirements based on information requested
  2. Click View Report
    • Information is pulled from 3 major data sources:
      • Banner Production (Live Data)
      • Overnight Refresh:
        • Data Warehouse
        • Business Intelligence Predictive Model (BIPM)
      • Questions regarding the information on the report, contact the office listed in the upper left of the report.

Report Parameters


3. Report can be viewed. 

Report View


To Export a Report

Reports can be exported into other formats.

To export a report:

  1. Click on the Export Icon in the upper left of the report.
  2. Export Report
  3. Select the Run Excel or Run Excel Data.


Tips and Tricks


Multiple Reports

WSU Reporting will allow multiple reports to be open at the same time.

To quickly switch between reports:

  • Click the drop down arrow by the report name at the top of the screen.
  • Multiple Reports
  • Select from the reports listed.
  • Click the X to the right of the listed report to close.

Recently Viewed Reports

WSU Reporting keeps a list of the reports that you have recently accessed.

To view and select:

  • Click on the Recent option in the left menu bar and select from the reports listed.

Recent Reports


My Content Folder

Create a list of shortcuts to favorite reports in My Content folder.

Add a Report Shortcut to the My Content Folder:

  1. Click on the Action Menu (3 dots) right of the report name.
    • Shortcuts to entire report folders can also be created.
  2. Click Add Shortcut
    • Add shortcut
  3. Select the My Content Folder as the destination.
    • Select my content folder
  4. Click Create shortcut. 
    • Create Shortcut

A shortcut to the report or folder will be listed in the My Content folder.

    • Shortcut Created