System Development

Systems Development utilizes skills in business and systems analysis, enterprise application support and administration, data architecture, information creation, and custom application development to partner with customers to solve current business problems and provide efficiencies for future operations. The Director of Systems Development serves as a member of the ITS Leadership Team.

Systems Development includes the units of Banner Application Development, Data Warehousing and Reporting, Enterprise Application Administration, Web Application Development

Systems Development Services:

  • Application development utilizing PL/SQL and other programming languages to extend Banner functionality.
  • Web application development of internal applications using Microsoft .Net, HTML 5, CSS 3, and JavaScript.
  • Reporting of institutional metrics from enterprise systems and data warehouses
  • Development and management of data warehouses for reporting, business intelligence and analytics
  • Supporting enterprise applications including:
    • Event Management System (EMS)
    • ImageNow document management system
    • BlackBoard Learn
    • Ellucian Luminis Portal

Systems Development Staff:

Brett Morrill Director of Software and Systems Integration
(316) 978-3172 |
233 Jabara Hall

Web Development and Data Warehousing

Cary Lavender Manager of Systems Development
(316) 978-3866 |
234 Jabara Hall

Alexandra Andino Application Developer
(316) 978-7677 |
234 Jabara Hall

Jason Kelly Application Developer
(316) 978-3194 |
234 Jabara Hall

Kevin Crabtree Data Warehousing and Reporting Group Manager
234 Jabara Hall

Ben Janzen Data Warehouse Analyst
234 Jabara Hall

Darlene Dinkel Application Developer
234 Jabara Hall

Chris Perleberg Application Developer
234 Jabara Hall

Pavan Pandiri Application Developer
234 Jabara Hall

Jennifer Snyder Enterprise Application Administration Manager
(316) 978-5361 |
234 Jabara Hall

Krysti Carlson-Goering Application Systems Coordinator
(316) 978-3181 |
234 Jabara Hall

Patty Allen Application Administrator
(316) 978-5019 |
234 Jabara Hall

Financial Information Systems

Shelly Tittel Manager of Financial Information Systems
(316) 978-3867 |
234 Jabara Hall

Chuck Bouska Senior Software Architect
(316) 978-3877 |
234 Jabara Hall

John Moon Application Developer
(316) 978-5381 |
234 Jabara Hall

Student Information Systems

John Jacobs Manager of Student Information Systems
(316) 978-3904 |
234 Jabara Hall

Jeff Bever Senior Systems Analyst
(316) 978-3098 |
234 Jabara Hall

Judy Nordhus Application Developer
(316) 978-3857 |
234 Jabara Hall