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Welcome to the January, 2023 ARC!

The January, 2023 ARC will take place January 9-13, 2023. Most events will be online with a blend of synchronous and asynchronous content. On Tuesday, January 10, 2023, the ARC will join with the Graduate School to host in-person events for all new and returning GTAs. 

Except for LinkedIn Learning courses, all ARC events are free for anyone in the higher education community to attend. We invite all interested parties to our events! As always, anyone associated with Wichita State as a student, instructor of any rank, or as staff can also take advantage of the LinkedIn Learning opportunities. If you are associated with Wichita State but have not yet claimed your LinkedIn Learning license, please do so by following the instructions online.

Find the Zoom links in the Outlook invites that download when you click on the title of a session. A day or two after each session, the Outlook invite will be replaced by a link to the session recording. 

Suggested LinkedIn Learning Courses
This time we have three LinkedIn Learning Courses that we think WSU staff and instructors will enjoy and benefit from. Remember, LinkedIn Learning courses are free for all WSU-associated people including students, staff, and instructors of any rank (including GTAs!). If you have not yet claimed your LinkedIn Learning license, you need to do that first, so follow these instructions.

Monday Sessions
Monday's sessions:

Tuesday Sessions
Tuesday's Sessions:

Thursday Sessions
Thursday Sessions:
Friday Sessions
Friday Sessions: