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The Office of Student Conduct & Community Standards is happy to provide a presentation for your classroom, group, organization, or other gathering of students, Staff, or Faculty.

If you are interested in a presentation from the Office of Student Conduct & Community Standards, please fill out the presentation request form and a representative from the Office of Student Conduct will contact you for scheduling.

Presentation topics can include anything that SCCS has purview over, however some examples of presentations that may be requested could include: Academic Integrity Overview, Incident Report Writing, Hazing Overview, Conflict Management, Getting to know SCCS, Graduate Student or Faculty overview on Academic Integrity or Classroom Management, etc.  Additionally, our office is available to conduct any number of conduct or academic integrity trainings for other departments, colleges, or classrooms on campus.  If none of these meet your specific needs, please describe your presentation topic and goals in the “Presentation Topic” box below.

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