Academic Integrity: Faculty Satisfaction Survey Results

Faculty Satisfaction Survey Results

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Quick Stats: 91.9% of respondents are aware of Policy 2.17/Student Academic Integrity, 53.3% of respondents have reported an Academic Integrity issue to SCCS, 78.5% of respondents said their area communicated expectations to report potential Academic Integrity violations to SCCS, 28.1% of respondents encountered an Academic Integrity issue and did not refer it to SCCS, 36.3% of respondents are satisfied or very satisfied with the Academic Integrity Process, 55.5% of respondents said more training is needed on the Academic Integrity Process. 

Respondents by Academic College: Fine Arts: 10%, Business: 14%, Innovation and Design: 1%, Education/Applied Studies: 21%, Health Professions: 17%, Engineering: 19%, Honors College: 0%, Liberal Arts & Sciences: 18%. 

Three Additional Statistics: 36.3% of respondents were “treated fairly in the Academic Integrity process,” 30.7% of respondents felt “supported by the process used to decide the outcome of the case,” 39.6% of respondents said the “process was concluded in a timely manner.” 

Key Takeaways: Student Conduct & College Partnerships, Report Form Review, Provide more training opportunities, Hearing process clarification.