Conduct Processes and Procedures

Going through the student conduct process can be confusing, however, the goal of the process is to determine what happened in a given circumstance and identify if there was a violation of the Student Code of Conduct. You will be given an opportunity to tell your perspective of what happened and ask questions throughout the process.

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Conduct Flowchart

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Conduct Flowchart


Who can file a complaint/incident report?
Anyone who believes they have been subjected to acts that violate his/her rights, welfare or individual dignity. The Office of Student Conduct and Community Standards (SCCS) will review written complaints and determine if there is a potential violation of the Student Code of Conduct.
How will I be notified of a complaint against me?

When a complaint has been filed indicating that an alleged violation of the Code has occurred, SCCS will send a letter to the involved student(s) via their email. This letter will contain important information regarding a student’s informational meeting.

SCCS will make a reasonable effort to contact a student regarding a pending conduct matter. However, students are responsible for checking their email account, maintaining up to date addresses, and phone numbers.

Will the violation be noted on my official transcript?

Violations of the Student Code of Conduct will not appear on a student’s official academic transcript. However, violations become a part of a student’s educational record, which is managed by Student Conduct and Community Standards.

If I admit to a violation will it keep me from going to professional or graduate school, or from getting a job?
A single violation will NOT ruin one's life. As an educational institution, the primary goal of the campus conduct process is to help students learn from their mistakes. Conduct records are confidential and generally cannot be released to others without the Respondent's consent.
What if I did not know the rules?
Every student is responsible for knowing the policies of Wichita State University. View the Student Code of Conduct.
How do I check holds on my account?
If you need to find out if you have a hold on your account, login to myWSU. Go to the My Classes tab, locate Registration Tools and click on Registration Status. At the bottom of that page, click on View Holds to see what type of hold is on your account and where to go for information on how to clear the hold.
Why do I have a hold preventing me from registering, adding or dropping?
A university hold is used when students fail to comply with the directions from SCCS. Usually this is failing to complete the sanctions as assigned. Unless there are unusual circumstances, holds will not be released until all sanctions are satisfactorily complete.
Why do I have a hold on my account?

A University hold is placed on a student’s account when they fail to complete assigned sanctions or attend a scheduled meeting. Holds will not be released until a student’s conduct case returns to good standing.

If the violation also involves a local, state or federal law, can I also be referred to the University's conduct system?
Yes. Students have a separate relationship with the University in which violations of University rules and procedures are handled separately from any civil or criminal action.


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